Where to Buy Sunglasses for Driving

Driving in bright light is considered risky but with the right type of sunglasses, the harsh bright sun rays can be easily blocked. A high-quality pair will allow you to have a toned-down image of a bright road on a sunny day by blocking extra glare and protecting eyes from UV rays, dust and wind. 

Buy sunglasses that are of high quality to give you the optimum result while driving a car as well as riding a bike/bicycle. A lot of the factors need to be considered while choosing sunglasses online as one could be unaware whether the type of sunglasses you’re buying will actually suit your face. However, with websites like Yourspex, you get to try sunglasses virtually. 

Ophthalmologists recommend sunglasses while driving during the daytime for precautions against eye damage and the risk of road mishaps. 

 Key features to consider when you buy sunglasses while driving

  • UV protection factor – the filter of your sunglasses
  • The tint of the glass
  • The shape
  • The fitting

Filter for your sunglasses

The filter for your sunglasses or the UV protection factor is a crucial feature while buying sunglasses. So whether you are looking for sunglasses for kids online for your children to wear whilst playing out in the sun, or you want a pair for driving, the glasses should have a UV400 protective filter that protects against harmful rays. At Yourspex, we make sure to equip our sunglasses with a filter, therefore all our sunglasses have the UV400 protective filter.

The tint of the glasses

Ophthalmologists recommend to buy sunglasses that have brown, grey or dark green glasses as they provide the best performance while driving under all climatic conditions. These tinted glasses are the most suitable for driving because they improve contrast with change in weather conditions and also provide a sharp vision. 

The shape of the frame

Why is the shape of your frame so important? Is it just because you want to look stylish or is there any other reason?

Do you know? As much as 60% of the harmful UV rays can slip to your eyes from the sides of your frame or the above. So the shape of the frame is for the protection and safety of your eyes, and not just the aesthetics. While on the road, you must be careful as such sunglasses can provide a distraction to the eyes. So we recommend you buy sunglasses that either have larger lenses or are wide enough to envelop your eyes.

The fit of your sunglasses

Opticians at Yourspex recommend a lightweight frame that is not too heavy on the head while driving, especially if you’re on the road for long hours. Another point, which often goes unnoticed, is the arms of the sunglasses should be thin so that they don’t obstruct your vision. 

When buying sunglasses for driving and other activities, apart from the looks, you should also consider how much safety do these sunglasses provide. It can be a hassle to look for sunglasses for men in India that provide the perfect fit, tint, shape and UV protection. At Yourspex.com, you can buy stylish sunglasses online that have UV400 protection. Check out a range of spectacles, contact lenses, sunglasses and more for men, women, and kids. We also offer progressive spectacles, coloured contact lenses, and more at up to Rs 1000 off.