Will Life Insurance Cover My Dog?

The best planning in the world provides little consolation when a pet or valued animal dies. There is life insurance available that will cover your dog in case of accidental death. Below are a few of the specific options available.

Protecting Investments and Pets

Dogs have a way of becoming essential members of the family. It is also common to find specific breeds used as working dogs on a farm or ranch. Losing an invaluable asset to a farmer or family can be tough to take. Mortality insurance can help cover the final expenses in veterinary bills and burial costs. It can help cover the loss for ranchers that have to replace a working dog that protects herds.

What does an accidental death policy cover?

A standard accidental death policy will cover things like fires, smoke inhalation, weather and natural disaster events, Fatalities involving accidents in transport, loading and unloading, explosions, and aircraft disasters. They are relatively comprehensive and cover a majority of dangerous circumstances. There are additions you can make to the policy and have it include even more.

Additional Incident Coverage Available

Life and death are unpredictable. You can add coverage for accidental shooting by an outside party, building collapse, and animal attacks. It is essential to have this coverage if you plan to replace the dog and it is an expensive breed, or the loss will leave you in a bind with a working farm.

Theft of Dog

File a police report immediately if the dog disappears. You might end up with the recovery of the dog if stolen. If not, adding theft coverage will help compensate for the loss. It will not help with the emotional loss, but it can help move towards bringing another dog into the family.

What is required to start coverage?

To initiate coverage, you will have to show a current health certificate from a licensed veterinarian. The dog needs to be in good health and of a reasonable age. You will then decide on the level and type of coverage and pay the premium.

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