Will Telephone Answering Services Stave Off the Competition


The customer’s experience begins with the initial phone call to the company and progresses from that point. But the journey only continues to the next step if the consumer is left feeling satisfied after that interaction.

A harried receptionist or business leader in the middle of a hectic day could respond to a ringing phone haughtily or neglect to answer it at all. Missed calls or poor responses are the primary reason clients take their business to the competition.

Outsourcing to a professional, experienced answering service like Intercon Messaging Inc will allow staff to focus on daily operations without the concern of the phone lines. That is a full-time job requiring a team of operators to concentrate on satisfying the client.

The goal is to provide adequate information to answer questions and concerns, take messages, and screen calls sufficiently to get them to the appropriate person. Primarily the objective is to have a live person responding to the people instead of leaving them subject to an automated system or ring out.

How Will Telephone Answering Services Help You Outshine the Competition

With the fierce competition in every industry, each business searches for ways to outshine the competition in the eyes of the consumer. One primary way to do that is by being available.

Nowadays, no customer wants to wait, whether for the delivery of a package, for a website to load, or for a call to be answered. Nor does the public expect an automated system or a voicemail to respond to pick-up when they have an immediate need.

That is why many companies are investing in telephone answering services to ensure there is always a live person on the other end of their calls with an instant answer instead of a continuously ringing line.

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A missed call or a poor response to a call is a primary reason for a client to take their business to the competition, one who might have a better system for customer support. Let’s look at reasons to consider the reception and answering services as a thriving modern business.

●       You will be the company that always answers the line

Word of mouth is among the most powerful marketing tools. Customers recognizing the advantages of doing business with a specific company will share those details among their social sites, and it will continue to pass on from those networks.

When you have a team of operators answering the phones each time it rings regardless of your business operations, with no calls missed at any point, consumers will grow to appreciate that, and your reputation will be impacted positively in a few ways.

Not only will customers be satisfied with the attention they receive from the answering service, but employees will be able to focus on daily operations allowing greater productivity and higher morale.

The trained, professional virtual receptionist will be able to respond to calls as the face of the business with key details, and the ability to gather leads and handle inquiries on behalf of the company for the best customer experience.

You can then receive the vital brief from the call to follow up with the appropriate information prepared. Read here how answering services work.

●       The daily operations require time and focus.

The business leader and core staff have critical daily duties to keep the company moving toward growth, with every moment dedicated to these details. A reception and answering service prevents the potential for disruptions and distractions by shielding unnecessary calls.

These experienced operators are thorough with screening to recognize the callers that need to be transferred immediately and to whom they need to go.

These service providers are trained in the operations enough to provide sufficient information; however, a critical caller can sometimes be satisfied and encouraged to wait until the staff member is free for conversation.

The key is relaying these messages with the alert to handle the call at the earliest convenience so the client doesn’t wait for the complete information they seek.

●       Globalization means working 24/7

While globalization means a business has a greater reach and can expand its services, it also means that you must be available to do business around the clock. Are you prepared to answer the phones and do deals in the middle of the night? Probably not. That can lead to staff burnout.

Instead, it is time to consider the option of receiving and answering personnel who can field these calls after business finishes when the day is done and on the weekends. Those on call during these hours can rest easy knowing they will only receive urgent messages from the call center.

That takes much of the stress away from the core team and helps them balance work and family better.

Another positive is the operators are available 24/7 and 365 days a year, so there will be coverage every day, including holidays, so business leaders can enjoy time off with their families and allow their primary staff to do the same.

Plus, there’s the added advantage of the operators never calling out sick or taking a vacation. These services are always staffed and ready to go without disrupting your business.

If your staff is down to a skeleton crew, you do not need to worry about the clients being dissatisfied with being unable to reach the team members. The professionally trained operators are prepared to handle circumstances where key members are unavailable, out sick, or if there’s an emergency with adequate messages taken.

Final Thought

The bottom line is the old adage, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” A consumer gives you one opportunity to provide them with the optimum experience. If you fail to satisfy their needs at that moment, they will move on to the next company to do so.

As a business leader, you put much effort into gaining customer trust, confidence, and their business. When you enlist that focus and energy and receive a call from the client only to subject them to an automated system, voicemail, or ringing out, it tarnishes your reputation.

By using a reception and answering service, calls are responded to instantly with a pleasant, professional, and knowledgeable voice on the other end, ready to be helpful.

It speaks volumes about a business hoping to provide optimum service for the consumer by any means possible above the competition’s efforts, thereby allowing staff to focus their energy on productivity and daily operations. With this effort, a solid reputation in the industry is established.