money-informer bought domain . used to be the Social Lending web portal which gives you a unique opportunity to secure unsecured loans on low interest rates below those of your local banks. Our Social Lending web marketplace is no different conceptually to other heavily used web portals such as

YES-secure’s mission is to establish a trusted online community and facilitate tangible community benefits. is your friendly neighborhood community that is always there for you in your hour of financial need. Alternately you can also help the community members in the form of affordable loans.

Our vision is to become a leading non-bank web facilitator of lending and borrowing market place in Europe.

Our Lending Platform is a Web portal aimed at social lending harnessing Internet communication. Yes-secure is an online loan marketplace with a Social Computing twist – a place where consumers come together to provide loan and borrow money from each other. cuts banks, finance companies, and pay-day lenders out of the game for unsecured personal loans.

– We attract Credit risk-savvy individuals willing to loan money on the Web;

– We develop the community aspect of individual borrowers;

– We control fraud and default rates. provides 24 x 7 lending/borrowing access via the high-speed web, and members can be authorised on-line, credit checked and registered at any time.

The Web’s Top Social Lending Marketplace
Peer-to-Peer or Person-to-Person lending is a means by which borrowers and lenders may transact business without the traditional intermediaries, such as banks. It can also be known as ‘Social Lending’.

Our web marketplace enables peer lenders to locate peer borrowers and vice-versa – we connect borrowers with lenders through our auction-like process in which the lender willing to provide the lowest interest rate “wins” the borrower’s loan request. is a web based social person-to-person lending service where one person can lend money to numerous other people even though they are complete strangers to each other. is implemented through its online (portal) website through which a person who is a lender can auction its money to certain pool of people who are seeking to borrow. The average general interest rate asked is dependent upon the borrower’s credit profile. provides access to short loans on low interest rates to borrowers those who are not happy with interest rates offered by local banks. Since Lenders and Borrowers are transparent, it is more likely that loans will be paid back on time to Lenders.

For providing such a service, financial model charge nominal fees from lenders and borrowers during registration as well as while managing the loan as an intermediary over-time.

Markets Supported by
The concept of Markets is introduced into the P2P Lending Portal for Lenders to select and choose the desired Borrower profile and hence interest rate and period for lending. The interest rates for Markets are decided by considering the average of successful loan contracts in the previous day and hence vary from day to day.

Lenders can place a loan offer into Markets for auto-lending, and, in addition, lenders can lend manually by selecting the borrowers from the borrower listings.

A Growing Social Lending Network
CBS Interactive Inc recently reported in December 2008 that since 2005 the amount of outstanding person-to-person loans has virtually doubled every year swelling from £75 million in 2005 to over £750 million in 2008. CBS also stated that online person to person loans could total almost £3 billion by 2010.

A recent report by Celent Communication suggested peer lending would reach £750 million in 2008 and then double in 2009 and reach near $6 billion in 2010.

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