10 Practical Ways to Ease Application Process While Working

Applying to study while you are working is a big decision. Your time might already be limited and it can be daunting when you think too far ahead. When you are looking for personal statement help, the internet is usually the first stop. There are tons of service providers and tools to assist you in the process. You have to find the ones that are worth spending your time and money on. If you are doing this yourself, there are some tips you can apply to help you through.

  1. Start early

One of the best tips during the application period is to start early. You want to give yourself a fair advantage. Time management is a crucial step in sending in a winning application. If anything goes wrong in-between, you still have enough time to fix it.

  1. Know yourself

If you want to write the best personal statement, you can only achieve this if you know yourself. Let the committee see who you are. It is exciting to allow yourself to shine for a minute, but some students find this difficult to do.

  1. Read all requirements

Sometimes we waste time on unnecessary tasks. If you know what the requirements are, it is easy to stick to it. You also save a lot of time doing what is necessary and eliminate those tasks which are not.

  1. Storytelling

In order to connect with an audience, it is vital that you become a storyteller. This is how you engage the reader and allow them to follow you on your journey to get where you want.

  1. Show you are interested

One way to win the attention of the reader is to show that you have done your research. You have to show that you are interested in the program based off your research. It shows a lot about your character and that you have a goal in mind.

  1. Honesty

Always be honest with what you put into your application. It is easy to access information about your achievements. If the board members decide to investigate any of your claims, you want it to come back as true.

  1. Recommendations

Be specific when you chose who writes your recommendation letters. There are funny statements but it might not be a good idea to add it to professional letters. This is why you need to be smart when selecting these individuals.

  1. Proofread

Always proofread your work before submitting. Your first draft is always going to be something less than perfect. This is why it is so important to schedule your time effectively. Add this process into your application preparation time. Proofreading is going to take your application from average to great.

  1. Edit

You may want to ask someone else to edit your personal statement. We often times become attached to our own writing and this can pose to be a problem. We don’t see the mistakes in our own work.

  1. Submit

After you have done all you can, it is time to submit your application. Do not overthink it at this stage. You have done all that you can and it is time to let it go.

Would you apply to study while working?

Not everyone is up to the task to apply for their studies while still holding down a job. It is easy to see why this can seem complicated. If you commit, you will find the time to get it done. The benefit this will have to your career is endless and definitely worth the effort.