4 Great Online Fundraising Ideas

Organizations trying to raise funds have had to use a lot of imagination lately with all the restrictions that have been put on public gatherings. As restrictions are easing up, many organizations still want to get some of the benefits of remote work and collaboration and are more comfortable with doing things virtually. They have had plenty of time to get acquainted with a remote format, and many of them are getting used to it. If you are thinking of holding a work or school fundraising event, you can go at it the traditional way, but holding a virtual one could work just as well, if not better. Let’s take a look at some great online fundraising ideas you could try.

Hold a Trivia Event

Any type of event where you can get people to pay to enter and compete for a prize will be a huge hit if you execute it properly. This is why virtual trivia fundraisers work so well. Everyone pays a ticket to enter and fight over who gets to win a prize. If you want the event to be a success, make the prize interesting and use a good platform to make the experience feel seamless and well-organized. You could even bring some sponsors in and have sponsor-oriented rounds or allow them to get visibility through a slideshow right before the event. The possibilities here are almost endless, so look at virtual trivia platforms and see how easy or hard it would be to organize this type of event for your organization.

Hold a Social Media Awareness Campaign

Another thing you should do is try to use social media to bring attention to certain issues. If your organization tries to work on different issues at once, focus on the one that needs the most attention right now and create content that will showcase it. Make it easy for people to donate right on the spot or through your website. All of your content should either showcase your brand or have a link to your website. You also need to let people know that you have objectives and how far you are from reaching them with visual aids such as a donation thermometer, for instance.

Hold a Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are usually big winners for fundraising, and you could hold a virtual one if you want to. All you would need is a good platform that will allow you to do that and to give clear instructions to people on how to enter. You could decide to hold a completely virtual event with quizzes, or a hybrid one where participants can go out and complete tasks and then send the footage back to you. 

Hold a Webinar

Everything you need to organize a webinar is a powerful event app. You could interview board members or your CEO and update people on your most recent efforts. You could also bring on some people who you have helped and get them to tell their stories.

These are all things organizations of all sizes and types can do to raise funds virtually. Consider all of these options and see which one would be the best for your organization and what you’re trying to accomplish.