5 Reasons Why Startups Are Choosing Coworking in Auckland

5 Reasons Why Startups Are Choosing Coworking in Auckland

New Zealand has always been attractive to business interests. With the industries that support the country, entrepreneurs in all parts of the country have benefitted from many of the country’s untapped resources. This idea is no more evident than in Auckland’s coworking scene.

Auckland’s popularity with business is because of its diverse demographics and access to the larger Asia Pacific market. In response to an increasing demand for affordable office space, the city has seen an uptick in the number of coworking outfits, as coworking in Auckland comprises of more than 60 spaces. This year, start-ups continue to tap into this resource that is more cost-effective but also provides businesses with a way to maximise their productivity.

Let’s take a look at just some of the reasons why coworking is providing to be a popular option with startups in Auckland.

Tech Hub

Auckland is not only a great city because of its ethnic diversity but also because of the variety of industries. One of the most prominent industries to shape this city is technology. In fact, Wynyard Quarter is the prime spot for the tech industry, almost becoming a draw for tech startups.

Those opening up shop in the technologies would find coworking in this area very attractive because coworking spaces combine workspace with social interaction. For techies looking to learn from the best, this tech centre provides business with the access to people and information, and conveniently. More than attractive, the coworking space offers businesses proximity to resources at a more affordable rate.

Financial Centre

As with most places in the world, cities are an easy draw for startups looking to establish themselves. With funding the venture always a priority for these fledgeling businesses, having access to various lending sources is always a plus and one of the central reasons businesses choose Auckland. Ultimately, your coworking space can be a resource in helping access funding for your business. Furthermore, being close to this financial centre is one way to stay connected to both the national and international market.


The city is always positioned to benefit from projects that expand existing businesses or are primed to take advantage of innovation. The city is home to hundreds of businesses, which give birth to thousands of ideas every year. With a number of coworking spaces that comprise the city’s office space landscape, much of this innovation comes out of the coworking space.

Through the many opportunities professionals have to mix with others from a diverse industry and collaborate, coworking professionals learn from each other. Moreover, these collaborative opportunities can help your business raise its profile and tap into other opportunities. Ultimately, Auckland’s innovative coworking spaces are a driving influence in moving the city in a prosperous direction.

Diverse Community

Urban centres are generally a draw for business just in terms of the diverse cultures that make up the city. With cultures that hail from as far away as Africa and as close as the countries in the surrounding Asia Pacific region, Auckland’s demographic is one of the most diverse. For business, this diversity brings a fresh perspective to the city’s industry, and more importantly, introduces the type of innovation that drives business growth, which is found in many of the coworking spaces that make up the city.

Developing Asia Pacific Market

coworking spaces in Auckland are a draw, ultimately, because the city is connected to the larger Asia Pacific market. With a plethora of resources to draw from, those businesses looking to move into international markets find it convenient to work in a city whose economic centre reaches into the larger Asia Pacific market. For the coworking community, professionals have access to international talent and pretty much can build pathways into this market as well.

Auckland’s coworking Community

The city appears to be on the precipice of more growth. At the same time, businesses and professionals, alike, are responsible for not only driving innovation but also attracting talent from around the world. For those looking to pioneer a start-up, Auckland’s rich diverse business community is the perfect place to set out your shingle.

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