Top 4 Ways to Avoid going into Deep Dept

Due to uncontrolled spending habits, many are drowned in deep credit card debt and they fail to make minimum payment every month. On the Internet, access to your credit report is free. As they’re required to provide you annual credit reports. The importance of looking at your credit report is for planning and informative purposes. To know your credit’s standing is know how you’ll be treated in terms of lenders qualifying you for a specific interest rate

Make Use Of Frequent-flier Promotions 
If you are frequently flying, you can take advantage of frequent-flier promotions that are tied to credit cards, where you gain a dollar per mile traveled. Over time, the distance you have traveled may build up to the point of getting you a free ticket, and this saves you some money.

Check Credit Card Offers before taking Card
You have to critically examine the offers you get from credit card companies before you take them because though they may look very appealing; underneath them are usually traps to get you into paying huge charges eventually.

Grace period Tricks
Some credit card companies will say they give you a number of days, say 20 days grace-period, to pay your bill in full and you will not be charged any interest. But be warned, many of them don’t honor it. This is just a trick to get you in; they will start charging you before the so called grace-period is reached.

Cancel All Cards That No Longer In Use
It is very important that you cancel any card you no longer use. This is because it will continue to be charged for recurring payments you signed up for earlier, but no longing using, which you didn’t close properly. There may be other charges on the card for holding it, and all these widen your debt.