5 Tips to Keep Your Office Clean in The Winter

With winter comes snow and with snow comes the salt, dirt, and mud that gets tracked into your clean office space. While a deep clean from your janitorial service in the morning or evening should leave your office looking fresh the rest of the day, employees and customers will be coming in and out of the office tracking in all sorts of dirt and grime. Keeping the office looking clean takes 5 simple steps. 

5 Tips to Keep Your Office Clean in The Winter

1. Add doormats

Have an indoor doormat as well as one outside your office door to allow salt and dirt to catch in two places before an employee or customer steps on the office floor. Two mats ensure the mess is contained in an area that is easier to clean and brush off. Salt can stain doormats so make sure it comes off as quickly as possible to avoid the white stains. If salt does stain your carpets or doormats you can remove them with a little work. 

2. Suggest employees keep indoor footwear

Snowboots have great tread on the bottom to help with slipping but that tread can track in salt and dirt packed in with melted snow. Ask employees to switch footwear at their desks so their boots do not continue to melt all over the carpet as they are working. To make snow melting less of a problem having a small bin or plastic carpet under each desk will help keep employees’ feet dry. Some offices invest in outdoor boot scrapers depending on the amount of snow this may be a good option for you. 

3. Have a broom by the door

Keep a broom somewhere near the front door and have your receptionist take a few moments to sweep up during peak office hours. If you don’t have a receptionist available employees can take turns depending on how high the traffic is at your office door that day. 

4. Keep the windows clean and snow-free

A clean window will keep the office looking bright and leave the gloom of the season outside. Grime can easily make an office look dirty when it isn’t. Take the time to wipe the windows once a day. 

5. Have wipes available for common areas

Common areas can get cluttered and with an already dirty floor, dirty counters will make it even worse. Make it easy for employees to give common areas a quick wipe to keep the entire office looking clean. Make sure if you are offering wipes that you specify if they can be used on electronics. Not all wipes are good for electronic devices and need to be cleaned in a specific manner

There are many great ways to keep your office clean during the winter but the best way is to make sure your janitorial services are running smoothly. For extra support maintaining a clean office space, search for janitorial services Calgary or janitorial services Edmonton and leave it to the professionals.