The Best Careers for People Who Love to Drive

The Best Careers for People Who Love to Drive

For many of us, taking control of an exciting and powerful racing machine for a living is what dreams are made of. Whether you are gunning it down the narrow streets of Monaco like Lewis Hamilton or shifting through El Condor like Colin McRae, our ideal vision of a job behind the wheel is more akin to screaming V10s than stopping at red lights. 

But the reality is that our chances of entering such a career, especially after leaving our teenage years, is far from likely. So, we have to make do with what we have available. Don’t let this bring you down though, as there are still many great jobs for us pedal-pushers. 

You might not be going 200mph all the time, but they’re still an enjoyable way to make ends meet. Here are the best careers for people who love to drive. 


More of a side-hustle than a reliable full-time option, being a valet is a great way to be able to drive different types of cars on a regular basis. 

Work in the right area and you might just be able to step foot in a few luxury rides or exotics. You can also expect to make a pretty penny from tips. If you’re looking for another stream of income in addition to your day job and you want to drive a few cars, then working as a valet is a considerable option. 

Taxi Driver

For those who consider themselves more of a people person, perhaps it’s time to become a taxi driver

You can move around town while meeting dozens of new faces every day. If you work in a busy area and for the right company, it can be a highly lucrative profession. Who knows, you might just run into the occasional passenger who has no problem with you taking them to their destination in a more… timely fashion. 

Car Detailer

If you like things clean, then detailing cars for a living is a great way to utilise your skills and do a bit of driving around.

While not a full-time driving job per se, detailing cars allows you to explore and refine all the intricate details that make up a vehicle’s many parts. Some companies specialise in detailing high-end cars, which can be more fun to work with. If you’re an entrepreneur at heart, you can eventually move up to start your own detailing business

Driving Instructor

Do you have a passion for teaching others how to master the art of driving? Perhaps you want to pass on your knowledge about cars to curious minds?

If either of the above is true, then maybe becoming a driving instructor is the way to go. Whether it’s preparing students for their driving license exams or teaching aspiring racing drivers how to master the track, this can be a fun way to live out your passion for cars. 

What’s great about these careers is that they seldom require formal education or a tertiary degree. Be sure to take some time to explore your options. You never know what you might find.