Best Franchise in India with Low Investment

Low-cost franchise opportunities that are the top selects across various sectors as well as the Indian market. Indian economy is carried by SMEs i.e. Small Medium Enterprises which constitutes 33% of manufacturing and production and 67% of service and retail contribution to the Indian Market. The service and retail industry is expected to be 80% by the time it isthe year 2020. And it is that segmentwhich particularly, has the low-cost business or the franchise opportunities that come into the role. Let us see the best Franchise in India with Low Investment .

Best Franchise in India with Low Investment

The franchise and the business industry has not only survived the recession or the inflation but also has recorded stable growth during the period. Low investment franchise opportunities have a steady contribution to it. It enables to attract investors as well as first-time business entrants. From an investor’s or the financiers’ point of view, franchise businesses mainly attain people who want a secure and an assured way to roll their money. They want to a plug and play idea, where they get to run a good business with lots of support and returns. Such financiers get associated with a top brand and invest their money in their businesses. Low investment franchise opportunities do not invite people with a low investment opportunity. Instead, they are equally lucrative for people who sustain high investment capacities. Some low business opportunities are:

  1. Amul Scoop Parlours: If you want to start a business with Amul, then the investment required for an Amul Scoop Parlour would be between Rs.3lakhs minimum. It has a quick breakeven and a net monthly turnover of Rs. 40000.  Website :
  2. Starex: The brand investment is required to own a Starex franchise opportunity with less than minimum Rs.5Lakhs with a required area of above 100 sq.ft. Output for this business is less than one year and ROI is 45%. The brand plans to open more 250 outlets within Delhi NCR in 2 years.
  3. Nishchals : Nishchals offers laboratories solution for science and mathematical labs and research centre to the schools and is already present at 5 locations so far. The minimum requirements to own an outlet includes an investment of Rs.4Lakh with a minimum area of 1200-1400 sq.ft. The brand promises a quick turnover within 6 months.  Website :
  4. Onexsolutions: A SMS service provider, Onex has just on the air of the franchise journey. With just one branch at present, Onexsolutions charge just a hand deal amount of Rs.60000 minimum. No separate place is required for this business to get started. The company promises 15% minimum ROI with a quick return of 3-8 months.
  5. 5. Kwality Wall’s Parlours: With over 300 Kwality Wall’s Parlours branches in India, the brand provides a franchise opportunity for two of its formats. Either the Kiosk or the SIS format which invites an investment of Rs. 2-2.5 Lakh minimum with an area requisite for 8ft by 6 ft. The exclusive Showroom needs an investment of Rs.2.5 to 3.5 Lakh minimum in with an area of150 sq.ft with 10 ft. frontage.

These brands give a lot of opportunities to the various youth of the country. These are best 5 Franchise in India with Low Investment .


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