How Best to Utilize Your Frequent Flyers Points

Today, frequent flyers’ points are considered a second form of currency. Millions of people apply for loyalty programs but often fail to redeem the points accurately. There’s a lot to consider before making any purchase and many people waste away these points by buying products.

Whether we are talking about routes such as Sydney to London on KrisFlyer points or some other, a great way to make sure that you are benefiting more from the travel points is to work out the exchange rates. You never know, your travel points might give you the opportunity to travel business or first class this month. Here are some tips on how best to utilize your frequent flyers points:

Tip #1

Always Go Online

KrisFlyer gives you the opportunity to acquire a ticket with 15% fewer points when booking through them online. This could give you a few extra miles to travel further or make multiple stops. Since this is not shown on the airline’s website, you have a better chance of utilizing them through your point’s bank.

Tip #2

Go All the Way Business

Whether you are flying from Sydney to Hong Kong with a layover in Singapore or direct from Sydney to Singapore, it will cost you the same number of points. The plus point: You can fly business class. Now, if you are hoping to fly from Sydney to London, points will not only save on tax, you will also be able to fly in luxury to your destination. It’s a win-win situation that allows you to utilize your points in the best way possible.

Tip #3

Convert At Your Will

Not using your frequent flyer program? No worries. When travelling through Star Alliance, you have the opportunity to convert your miles to Virgin Australia Velocity points. It’s quite simple. First earn KrisFlyer miles and then you can transfer them to your Virgin Australia Velocity point’s account. You can earn 1 Virgin Australia Velocity point for 1.35 of KrisFlyer’s frequent travel miles.

Tip #4

Avoid Using Air Point on Ground

When travelling from Sydney to London on points, you also have the opportunity to book your stay with the travel points. However, in most cases this is not advised because the exact amount of points required for a stay is sometimes does not match the actual price. Plus, it’s possible that by the time you arrive to your destination, the points cost might have changed.

There are several factors that can change the way you travel. When using your travel points, don’t make unnecessary purchases because it’s difficult to compare the actual price. Whatever you buy, such as a mobile phone, perfume, small trinkets, etc, you will be wasting your points. If you do have some points left, go for a gift card instead, so that you get something good in return. By saving as much points as you can through partner flights, you can make some exotic stops and get a vacation while you are at it.