The Best Ways to Make Your Business Greener

Pressure is increasing on every business to reduce their environmental impact, and every business owner should be considering how to achieve this. Whether this is through consulting with stormwater prevention plan companies in houston tx, or cutting back on the use of paper will very much depend on your particular business. The Covid-19 pandemic proves that positive effects are possible in terms of the environment when major changes are made, which should inspire businesses to take action. The coronavirus outbreak is an opportunity for companies to start afresh start when it comes to becoming greener. Here are a few of the most effective strategies to reduce the environmental impact of your business right now.

The Best Ways to Make Your Business Greener

Encourage Remote Working

Where possible, it is worth encouraging staff to work remotely as this will reduce the amount of energy that you use as a business (which will also lower your utility bill) while also minimizing emissions from your staff’s daily commute. Remote working is something that many businesses have had to experiment with in 2020, and, in many cases, it has been highly successful and actually increased productivity so it is worth continuing with if you are able to. 

Use Local Suppliers

In addition to looking at your own practices and finding ways to reduce your environmental impact, it is also worth looking at the suppliers you use. You will find that it is better for the environment to use local suppliers less travel is involved, plus you will also be supporting the local economy. In addition to local suppliers, you should also use businesses that are green and create an entirely environmentally friendly supply chain.

Use A Recycling Baler

Increasing recycling is a highly effective way to reduce your environmental impact and minimize landfill, but recycling can also be a time-consuming task. This is why a recycling baler from somewhere like is a smart purchase because this can make recycling much quicker and easier for your team. You simply feed the material into the machine, which will then compact it into an easy-to-manage cube this can also drastically reduce your waste costs too. There are other ways to boost your recycling efforts too. For instance, some businesses now work with companies like Premier Surplus that provide electronic recycling services. Disposing of computing equipment, cell phones, and printers can be costly and time-consuming, but reaching out to a company like Premier Surplus ensures all of this is taken care of in an environmentally conscious manner. You can learn more about e-waste recycling services on the Premier Surplus website here:

Go Paperless

Going paperless is another excellent way to reduce your environmental impact and is easy to do with modern document management software. In addition to the environmental benefits of cutting out paper and printer usage, going paperless can also free up a huge amount of space in the office and make it much quicker and easier to find what you are looking for. 

Use LED Bulbs And Motion Sensors

Having a well-lit workspace is vital, but it can also use up a lot of energy, which is bad for the environment and can be a major cost. You can reduce energy usage and your utility bill by a significant amount by switching to LED bulbs and having motion sensors installed so that the lights turn off when there is nobody around.

Try a few of these strategies and you will make a big difference to your business’s environmental impact, plus you should find that taking these steps will also help to reduce your operating costs too for a win-win situation.

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