Crucial Mistakes That Can Harm Your Business

When starting a business, it’s really important to think deeply about nearly every aspect of operations in order to avoid any mistakes that could cause irreparable harm to your business in the long run. These can run from simple operational procedures to large logistical errors, meaning that your business can never reach its full potential. To help you make sure that this never happens to your company, this list has been created to avoid these errors. Read on below for six crucial tips. 

Forgetting to Pay on Time 


There are nothing freelancers, or employees hate more than not being paid on time. If you regularly miss payments, this can have a huge impact on their lives, forcing them to miss crucial bills such as their rental payments. That’s why it is essential to make sure that you have a proper payroll system set up from the very beginning of a business. By failing to pay workers on time or to stipulate the proper agreements as to when and where they will be paid, this will affect your trust rating massively, possibly causing your business to fail. 


Hiring Friends or Loved Ones 


While it is great to start a business with loved ones that we can trust and want to succeed alongside with, this type of choice can really go either way. This is because the affection felt through your friendship or relationship might blind you to the realities of their business capabilities. Additionally, if they are slacking and you eventually have to terminate the working relationship, then this can get messy very quickly. Be sure to be impartial in your hiring process and only pick people based on how suitable you believe they are for the job, not by how close you might’ve been at school, college, or on your year abroad. 


Not Paying Taxes Correctly 


Forgetting to pay your taxes, filing in the wrong forms, or submitting your taxes way past the deadline, can have a variety of impacts that could cause you to lose income, be struck with fees, or even subject to a career-ending audit. That’s why it’s essential to keep on top of your taxes and to have an accountant on hand who can help you with all your tax needs. For the best Brighton based accountants, you can’t do much better than Plummer Parsons, who offers a great service at a highly reasonable price. 




While planning is deeply important when it comes to running a business, there is the potential to plan too much and overthink. This is especially true if you are a perfectionist. This means that if a problem in the moment might arise, you do not allow space to come up with creative solutions. Many start-ups strike gold when they are faced with adversity, as the way that they have to think about and overcome it means that they come across fascinating solutions that actually benefit them far more in the long run. By sticking too adherently to a plan, then you might be robbing yourself of that potentially golden opportunity. 


Not Listening to Feedback 


Feedback is a really important part of any business. It allows you to get objective views from other businesspeople, colleagues, and customers and to fold them into your business, meaning that it can tweak any mistakes and learn for better engagement in the future. If you want your business to succeed, it is highly recommended to actively court feedback through surveys, direct conversations, and more in order to get a deeper insight into what you are doing and how you can improve it. By not listening to feedback and simply believing that your way is the only path to success, you are setting yourself up for failure. 


Forgetting the Simple Parts 


When starting a business, it’s easy to jump immediately to the magic idea and not the nuts and bolts of an operation. Nonetheless, by skipping over the basics, you could be putting your business in danger or causing drama later on in your business life. While having a vision for your company is deeply important, this vision can be comprised if you don’t manage to nail the basics. For example, a company that operates mostly over computers should definitely install the correct security systems, such as putting its employees on a VPN and using a firewall. This way, you can avoid nasty hacks or data breaches like this one. If you think that it’s something you can do later, you are in the wrong mindset to start a business, as it can cause a potentially devastating event to your security systems.