Development of human resource is a key factor for organizational development

The importance of the training lies in its objective: to improve the knowledge and skills of those who make up a company; because it is through people, their ideas, their projects, their capabilities and their work, how organizations develop. A skilled employee is always better than an unskilled or semi skilled.

Development of human resource is a key factor for organizational development

Concept of training and personal development in a company:

One of the simplest definitions of training and personality development of employees which we can see is “a process or activity which is taught to employees of the company as a way to perform their position”.

Training your employees is must as not every employee of your company is skilled they must be unskilled or semi skilled. In the same manner personality development is also necessary for the upper level management. Nowadays many companies are taking personality development training from different modes like Landmark forum. After reading Landmark forum reviews more and more companies are showing their interest in their development programmes.

On the other hand many pioneers in the field of Human Resource Management, conceives it as “a short-term educational process, applied in a systematic and organized manner, through which people learn knowledge, attitudes and skills, based on defined objectives”.

Training today: a new approach:

However, this experts emphasizes that “training must deal with learning experiences towards the positive and beneficial, as well as completing and reinforcing them with activities so that individuals at all levels of the company can acquire knowledge more quickly and develop those attitudes and skills that will benefit them and the company “.

Therefore, in order for the professional development policies to be successful, organizations must avoid outmoded methodologies and static approaches. As many leaders in Human resource field explain “training is, potentially, an agent of change and productivity, as long as it is able to help people interpret the needs of the context and adapt culture, structure and strategy (consequently work) to those needs “.

Guidelines for the design of training plans

Thus, when developing training plans and personal development of a company, those responsible for the management of human resource must meet the following guidelines:

  • Constancy : With the rapid pace with which markets evolve and the increasingly high demands of the business sector, employee training must be continuous and rapid, allowing staff to be prepared to meet new challenges.
  • Technology: Human Resources managers should take advantage and functionalities offered by new technologies to create more efficient training and personal development initiatives. In fact, there are many researches that highlight the best results of the new learning systems versus traditional face-to-face learning.