Difference between offer letter and appointment letter ?

After a new employee is hired from a company, the company will send corresponding documents before the role is actually filled. The main two documents are an offer letter and appointment letter . Here offer letter which offers a position to the applicant and the details are explained in that what the company actually needs from the new employee. An appointment letter is nothing but where additional details about the job are explained and the new position of the employee.

What is offer letter?

Offer letter is nothing but a document that employers will send to announce a job offer to a particular candidate. This letter is usually processed as the next step after the interview process which contains the superficial information about the potential position and company’s location and the proposed salary.

Difference between offer letter and appointment letter

Each and every company will follow different formats to release the offer letter, which contains the detailed information about the benefits of the employee, could expect and also the start date. This offer letter which is also used for another important purpose that, the company will state a deadline for the employee to respond for the offer and if there is no response before that date, the company might choose to appoint another applicant.

What is appointment letter?

This appointment letter which is followed after offer letter if once the candidate has confirmed that he or she would like to accept the job and then this appointment letter is given. This letter which helps the employee’s new position and the work preparation and also the employment contract between the company and then new hired person.

appointment letter vs offer letter

Only some company’s issue appointment letters and this letter will be sent to candidate only if a person accepts the offer letter. This appointment letter is usually considered more formal than the offer letters this one is often used as a contract or a proof of employment for loan applications and for other purposes.

Difference between offer letter and appointment letter

There is only a minute difference between an offer letter and an appointment letter, here both the documents which plays an important part in the recruitment cycle. If the company finds that the candidate is suitable for the company an offer letter will be provided, in which the details mentioned is position and salary offered by the company.

An appointment letter is provided after the candidate who accepts the offer letter. So this appointment letter is a document that guarantees a job to the candidate with terms and conditions mentioned in an appointment letter. This appointment letter and an offer letter or two important letters which is important to the final stage of recruitment. If a candidate who successfully completes and clears all the rounds of interviews and also if a candidate is satisfied by the criteria determined for a potential candidate then he or she is regarded as a suitable candidate for the company.

After clearing all his rounds the company will provide officially a letter known as offer letter which will include date of joining, salary package and position offered sometimes some companies may offer medical plans and benefits that the company is offering. And after offering an offer letter company will ask to submit the necessary documents and certified copies and now this is the time that the candidate should decide that he is going to accept this offer or not.

On the other hand an appointment letter which indicates the very next step process after an offer letter, if the candidate happily accepts offer letter and submit all the documents for verification an appointment letter will be offered.

This letter will be described in detail as the guarantee for the company that the company has hired the candidate. The main difference between the appointment letters is which is offered only after the proceedings by an offer letter. And this offer letter is just the description offered by the company where as the appointment letter is the proof of the company that the candidate is finally hired by the company.

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