Digital attacks are on the rise, here’s why you should protect your data

To prosper, companies must invest substantial money into their businesses. Cybersecurity costs may be an expense that businesses may be reluctant to pay. Depending on the business, a more expensive solution might be required to safeguard confidential information. Industries that work with the federal government, pharmaceutical firms, financial organizations, academic institutions, or researchers may be particularly vulnerable to breaches. Any organization that stores sensitive data is vulnerable to a cyberattack, so it is crucial to educate companies about data breaches and how to prevent them. 

A data breach is a security breach in which an unauthorized individual obtains, exploits, steals, and transmits private information from a company or individual. This could result in data leaks, unauthorized access, theft, and information leakage. 

According to Thales Data Threat Report, almost 45% of companies in the United States suffered a data breach in 2021. Businesses need to be informed about this to avoid data leaks, financial loss, and damage to reputation. Individuals should also be adequately informed about this, considering the recent surge in identity theft, credit card fraud, and information selling. 

Web application cyber attacks are used in the majority of data breaches. Since millions of users are using these applications simultaneously, it is challenging to identify and prevent these attacks. 

Several of the biggest companies in the United States have been faced with data breaches that have resulted in considerable company damage. Companies including Facebook and Yahoo have experienced multiple breaches. Other large corporations, including Amazon, Twitter, Microsoft, and Uber, have also fallen victim to cyberattacks.  

Versa Network’s recent report revealed that nearly half are currently worried about potential data breaches, with 42% said their concerns have been directly impacted by the increase in data breaches. No matter where a company is headquartered, data breaches can affect any business, big or small. About 28% of business owners surveyed said they know someone’s business who has experienced a data breach, and 16% have experienced a data breach. 

Companies in finance should be extra precautious about preventing these cyber attacks. Cryptocurrency sites, including Crypto and Bitcoin, are one of many large targets for hackers. In January 2022, over $33 million in assets and cryptocurrency were stolen, and 483 accounts were compromised. In February 2022, the company Wormhole lost $325 million in cryptocurrency. In March 2022, Ronin Bridge lost $540 million in cryptocurrency.  

Though online finance companies are at high risk, there are also high data breach dangers targeting banking firms. Skimming is a type of breach that uses the collection of magnetic stripe data on the back of credit cards. Thieves may use skimmers on ATMs to gain credit card information.

According to Surfshark, the United States experiences the most data breaches of any country; over 212 million people have been affected by data breaches in 2021. The rate of cyberattacks is on a rapid rise. With inflation rising and a potential recession on the horizon, the last thing people need is to deal with identity fraud, stolen credit card information, and additional financial burdens.