Eight Facts you should understand when selecting a Blockchain Development Team.

Finding the best blockchain development team is a strenuous exercise. You need to arm yourself with knowledge before you approach the market.  Remember, blockchain technology is an evolving area that demands that you choose a knowledgeable development partner who can deliver solutions that meet the needs of your business. An inexperienced team can offer irrelevant and expensive products.

Are you looking for a blockchain developer for your project? If so, there are specific facts that you should understand before approaching the market. We explore critical points that are essential when choosing a blockchain development team.

Fact #1: Blockchain is an in-demand field, and it’s challenging to find the best developer

Although blockchain-based products are increasing, it’s still challenging to find experienced talent. Small and big businesses compete with each other for the best developers in the industry.

The hiring procedure is complicated when you want to have your own blockchain development team. You can only achieve a successful blockchain project if you hire a team of experienced blockchain and Web3 Developers who can handle evaluation, planning, project administration, handing over, and deployment.

Fact #2: Look for the top-notch blockchain development team at B2B research portals.

While it’s OK to widen your search to popular job search platforms, such websites have few blockchain job postings. Although specialized job boards are emerging, most of them are new in the field. So, you may not depend on them when looking for an excellent blockchain development team.

‘If you feel like locating a good developer, you need to gaze for them in their natural environment. Because of the personality of Blockchain development, many of them have several projects on the go and aren’t enthusiastically seeking out new work.’

Source: Medium

Besides locating the talent in their natural environment, B2B portals, like clutch.com, can help you. Many talented blockchain developers are likely to display their expertise on the B2B platforms.

Fact #3: Blockchain Development firms are expensive but deliver the best solutions

Searching the market to pick the best blockchain developers comes with multiple challenges. A blockchain development firm can save you the headache. The company has a team of knowledgeable experts who can produce first-class blockchain solutions that meet the needs of your enterprise.  Also, hiring an established blockchain development team has multiple perks, including analysis of the competition, studying the market to understand trends, and the use of enterprise-grade solutions. And these expenses may add up to make contracting a company more expensive than cobbling together a team of experts. The good news is that a blockchain development company has flexible payment methods that can suit the unique needs of different clients.

Fact #4: Blockchain Development firms can deploy more experienced hands if the need arises

Do you require a quick blockchain solution to overrun your rivals? If yes, a blockchain development team can help you achieve your goal. With an array of talents, a company guarantees you an impeccable solution that meets your needs. If your solution requires more skills, the company can help you find it. An experienced development team knows all about these needs and can lead you through the whole project cycle while apprising you of critical milestones.

Fact #5: A perfect team should display in-depth knowledge in different aspects of blockchain technology

The blockchain development team you’re evaluating should demonstrate a deep understanding of the different components of blockchain technology. You should pay attention to their experience of the following elements:

  •         New trends: Blockchain technology keeps evolving. Thus, the company you want to hire must utilize the latest tools and follow emerging trends.
  •         Ability to offer bespoke solutions: each project is unique, and the company you’re choosing should provide tailored solutions that meet your requirements.
  •         Check reviews from previous clients: reviews by past clients can offer you a hint on the quality of blockchain solutions the company you’re evaluating provides. A preponderance of raving reviews indicates that the company has the experience and talent to deliver high-quality solutions.

Fact #6: Differentiate between a DApp developer and a blockchain protocol-level developer

When evaluating the company’s past projects, it’s essential to assess the complexity of blockchain solutions it delivers. Each project is unique and needs different levels of expertise. The past experience of a blockchain development team across various kinds of projects and the number of projects under each type determine their level of professionalism. Suffice to say; experienced teams have delivered complex solutions in the past with multiple combined services, such as wallets, decentralized exchanges, and others.


Before choosing a blockchain development team, assess the complexity of your project and select a company that can offer relevant solutions. In this regard, first-tier companies are the best.

Fact #7: Be cautious of scams that can hit blockchain startups

The blockchain industry has become lucrative for many development companies that wish to enjoy its benefits. This popularity has attracted many development firms which want to taste a piece of the pie. The elephant in the room is that some dubious characters have infiltrated the market and purport to offer excellent blockchain development solutions. To steer clear of these scams, you must dig deeper into a company’s past projects to understand whether it’s authentic. Also, it’s advisable to use some escrow to handle funds.


Payment safety is a critical component when handling funds in the blockchain field. You can take various steps to mitigate risks inherent in the industry. Talking to previous clients of the blockchain development company you plan to hire can offer you hints about the firm’s integrity. Your conversation with the past customers should revolve around the following areas:

  •         Their experience with the development company
  •         The quality of the project they delivered

Fact #8: Have a basic knowledge of blockchain development procedure

The development process describes the creation lifecycle of a blockchain solution. An understanding of this process is critical as it enables you to engage in informative discussions with a prospective developer. Although you don’t need to grasp all the components in the blockchain development process, it’s critical to understand some essential elements. Joining groups on various platforms, like Telegram and Reddit, can help you.



The popularity of blockchain is on the rise. You can take advantage of the perks that come with the technology by hiring an experienced blockchain development team. Here, we’ve explored some basic facts that you need to understand when looking for a developer.