Five Reasons why Buying a Home from a Developer

One of the first choices that must be made at the time you decide to buy a home is whether to opt for a new or second hand. Both have their pros and cons, plus a series of differences that can tip the balance towards one or the other depending on the needs of the future owner. If the new work has been chosen, it is very possible that the seller is the promoter of the development itself. A real estate developer from Canada is one of best real estate developer who has very good experience in handing real estate projects. We tell you how an operation of these characteristics would work:

Five Reasons why Buying a Home from a Developer

They are Experts:

This actor in the real estate sector is a great expert in the field in which he works. The floors are conscientiously built, with full knowledge of the client’s profile and their demands. In addition, brand quality is vital for them, so they will try to offer the best service, accompanying the buyer and resolving their doubts throughout the process. You should know that your reputation as a company is at stake.

Brand new:

Undoubtedly, the main attraction of acquiring a newly built house is that you will be the first inhabitant of it. You will not have to face cumbersome reforms or surprises that end in a spill of several zeros. You can collaborate with expert builders like those at and design the home that you have always dreamed of. Beyond the interior of the house, there is the building itself. The state of conservation of the property and of the common areas of a residential one with several decades to the back cannot be compared with that of a recently delivered urbanization.


Another of the great advantages of buying on-plan is that the buyer is granted power to choose, as far as possible, materials, services, guidance, finishes, etc. Thus, flexibility is much greater when it comes to personalizing the home, because once completed, it is more complex and expensive. Adapting to the preferences of the client in works in development is a point in favor of the new work.

After-sales Service:

The ability of these types of companies to help you once you start living in one of their promotions is much appreciated. The professional support of customer service after the purchase goes from processing the home insurance to contracting supplies such as electricity or gas. Even, there are promoters who have interior design services or financial advice in order that you do not have to worry about even the smallest detail.


It is common for owners of a new construction promotion to be offered the possibility of subrogation to the developer’s credit, with the savings that this entails. This aspect greatly facilitates mortgage procedures. It is true that the buyer must submit to a risk control similar to that of any other bank, but the entity behind the project is very interested in the profile of a client who has been making contributions and demonstrating their solvency. Hence buying a home from real estate developer is always a good decision.