Getting Started With the Stock Market

Getting Started With the Stock Market

So you have finally made the big decision to start investing in the stock market.

If you’re already at the point where you’ve decided this is the next important step for your finances, you likely understand that stock trading can be an important pathway to wealth.

Not too long ago, stock trading was the sole domain of the people working on Wall Street. Anyone paying attention to stock market news of the last year or two knows that those days are long gone.

Anyone and everyone can get involved in the stock market today, with numerous apps, websites and services that let you invest in publicly traded companies even with very small amounts of money. As a result, online trading has erased the obstacles that once prevented the average person from getting rich off the stock market.

It’s a unique time and opportunity that’s now easier than most other types of investing. Real estate investing, for example, requires more money and often a stellar credit score. Not so for the stock market.

The only problem is that the stock market doesn’t exactly give out free money.

If you’re going to succeed in the long-term, you’ll need to learn and keep learning.

Many rookie investors just jump right in without any education, self-taught or otherwise. This attitude treats the stock market like a casino, and many people fall victim to scams or untrustworthy “advisors.” If you don’t learn the rules of the game, the house will definitely always win.

It’s unfortunate that many investors immediately lose faith in the market after big losses, like the ones that resulted from the frenzy of stock trading over GameStop, AMC Entertainment, and Tootsie Roll Industries.

A recent survey from Investopedia in January 2021 found that 42 percent of investors said they trusted markets less than they did six months ago. Only 4 percent said they trusted the markets more than six months ago.

However, the survey also found that the turbulence of recent months hasn’t deterred most investors from taking on risk. Clearly more and more people are going to continue trading and investing.

If you want to be one of the people who still has financial gains in five to 10 years from now, you’ll need to learn some skills.

There are many courses available online from well-regarded traders to help you on this journey toward stock market know-how.

Self-taught trader Matt Choi started his education company, Certus Trading, after nearly two decades in the investing game. His courses can help experienced traders hone an approach that works for their portfolio and assets.

“I strive to be as generous as possible with my content, time and energy. I want to help ambitious people who want to achieve real results,” Matt Choi explains.

Another option is to join Investors Underground, one of the biggest educational websites aimed at trading and investing. The site offers educational courses, stock market guidance, day trading resources, and a large community of other investors, both experienced and new to the game.

According to their website, Investors Underground focuses on “helping traders become self-sufficient by providing them with top-notch educational materials. We have two day trading courses, provide weekly trade recap videos, and host a few webinars a month so our members can continue to learn on a consistent basis.”

However you choose to pursue your stock trading dreams, remember to stay flexible. If your  current strategy or coursework is not working for you, try something else. Different strategies work on different days for different people.

Build your own strategy through trial and error, like many of the most successful traders. Make your trading fit your own values and personality.

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