Guidelines on Choosing the Law Firm in Dubai for a Dispute

There is an abundance of choice when it comes to choosing a law firm in Dubai that is best suited for a dispute. The problem may arise when they all promise the same and you are not sure which one is best for you! Of course, the selection isn’t easy. However, with the below essential guidelines, we assure you top quality law firms in Dubai within short time.

  1. Know your Dispute

Firstly we need to identify the type of dispute whether it is a labor dispute, franchise dispute or a real estate dispute. This is important because it will become easy for you to pick a law firm that specializes in that particular dispute. A specialize law firm in a particular field has more chance of winning your case. 

  1. Selection

Go to as many law firms as you can and avail the free initial consultation that will open your mind to the dispute and the potential/caliber of the firm.

  1. Proven Track Record

You can question the law firm about their previous experiences on a particular type of dispute. Make sure they have successfully handled a few before you go with them in your case.

  1. Credible Lawyer

Now you want somebody with the credibility to handle the case on merit. Most probably ask for a partner or senior lawyer but remember that comes at a high price! Also make sure the lawyer can speak Arabic because that is the language for the courts and the documents in Dubai.

  1. Case Review

After getting your case reviewed the lawyer will give you advice on what to do and what can be done. The lawyer will also brief you about your chances of winning the case.

  1. Fight the Case

Until now you must have paid the consultation fees but have not yet fought the case. After consultation, you have the right to decide whether to pursue the case or giving up on conceding the case to the consulted lawyer.

  1. Fees

The fees will again depend on the disputed case and the more difficult the case or if it requires a huge amount of work then the more costly it will be. If you are not satisfied with their fees then you can always try some other law firm who are offering economical rates for the same.

The Types of Law Firm to Avoid:

  1. Word of Mouth

If you hear rumors about their bad service or quality provided by the law firm is a sure sign to do a thorough investigation before proceeding with them in your case.

  1. High Fee

Definitely, it is a no when somebody is asking for a high fee as compared to market price same goes for the law firms but please note that usually famous lawyers or partners charge more because of their experience and qualification.

  1. Misleading

Those law firms that mislead a client is the worst of all because the client loses money and time and even in most cases loses the disputed case itself. Beware of such misleading law firms because you might end up hurt.

Finally, the more you research the better it is either it be the disputed case itself or the law firm. Thorough research will help you decide on the best or economical path whatever suits your needs.

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