How to Become a Bartender ?

How to Become a Bartender

Well, becoming a bartender is not that easy when doing! Wanting to become a bartender, is totally cool, but you need to have a load of skills and abilities, and of course you should also know to become a bartender requires a lot of work and efforts too. These skills are not, what everyone can serve up though, as it needs a different set of talent and skills to be focused upon while at work to become a bartender. However, if you are an aspiring bartender then you would be presented with en number of opportunities and options to explore, you have to pick the right one for you and work hard on it!

Hence, we have put together a few sets of tips and tricks that would help you to become a bartender.

Tips to Become a Bartender

You can go through these tips that will help you to become a bartender, without any previous experience, as all you need to have is skills and of course passion too.

No to Bartending school/institute

Well, going to bartending school is all good, but it could lead you to disappointments for sure. It is just next to impossible where you will find yourself as a winner in the bartending competitions if you think you can go and attend a few lectures at Bartending School. Experience is everything that you would need to become the best bartender. Start low in a bar or a club, gain as much as experience and increase your skill sets and try going high without missing on opportunities.

Look at your age

This is another concerning fact, that is required to become a bartender. Well, you need to be of a certain age to start with this particular career. However, these age categories depend on states, as every state as different age conditions that need to be followed. Hence, you need to check out the states and their bartending rules as per the law, and then only proceed with bartending.


Certifications are very significant when it comes to bartending. In some countries, such as Australia, there are certain certifications that are mandatory – the RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) is an example of this. Therefore, if you are based in Australia and looking to become a bartender, you may want to look up “rsa training Melbourne” (or wherever you are more locally based). However, it is not essential to have a certified bartender everywhere, although it could increase your salary if you do have certifications. You also need to check up on those bars that do not ask for certifications, but only the required set of skills and work manners though. You can also find online bartending courses available on the internet and get certified if needed.


Well, this knowledge includes, everything that you should know about taste, beverage types, names of alcohol, soft skills, customer dealings, presentation of the drinks, social skills, lingo of bartending and a lot of other skills that you need to develop within you and from their your career takes its flight above to fly high.


Hence, becoming a bartender is just great if you have passion and desire for it. However, you can go ahead with bartending as it adds more fun to your career with skills and many other required skills.


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