How to Create Engaging Content for your Instagram and get more followers.

Content is the king and builds the image of your brand on Instagram. When someone lands on your profile, they will get to know your brand and what you are offering on your Instagram page. It makes the first impression and it really does count when it comes to growing your network of Instagram followers .  If you want to create a lasting impression then you must represent your brand in an effective way. It is essential to produce right and high-quality content that should have the ability to entice your target audience. In turn, creating high-quality content can help grow your audience and you can look to further increase your Instagram followers via the use of social media engagement services. Implementing a social media strategy for your business’ social media pages can be of vital importance in order to sustain business growth.


How to Create Engaging Content for your Instagram and get more followers.

Share quotes fun & entertainment post:

Be human, Share the entertaining posts with your audience because it shows the human side of your brand. Your audience also feels closer to you when you share your real side. Share funny posts because everyone likes humorous content. Having a laugh with your audience is always a good thing but don’t be offensive. People also love to read and share quotes. So post motivational and inspiring quotes on your feed more often.

User-generated content

UGC aka User-generated content is also a good way to grow your account. Share the images of your happy customers but don’t forget to take their permission. You can also reuse the popular images of other people. It will give your content more visibility. You can also tag your potential followers, brands, influencers and your loyal followers in UGC post.

DIY creative apps

If you have not good skills to design a photo or edit your Instagram images then don’t fret, use Canva to make your visuals more captivating. There are a variety of templates and free images for you to choose from. Even it has a lot of text templates and fonts that you can use for your Instagram posts. This content creation tool allows you to be creative and give you a lot of ideas to design your posts.

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories is a fun way to engage your  followers by showing the real face behind your brand and build a strong relationship with them. Using Instagram stories, you can share the sneak peek of behind the scene, office trip and intro of your team. Instagram stories are not a polished feature of Instagram and you can share non-edited content here. Don’t worry about the types of images and video that fit into your stories. You can share 15-sec video, photos, and a mix of photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. You can save some of your best stories using Instagram highlight feature.

Instagram Live

Instagram live is an of-the-moment video that you can access in the Stories section of the Instagram. It is ephemeral content that you can broadcast for 60 minutes. If you are an event or your product launch, go live and share the glimpse of your event with your audience. Use your branded hashtag with your live video that helps you to make your content more discoverable and get your followers on Instagram.