How to Deal With Insurance Issues

How to Deal With Insurance Issues

Today, we often take the reality of having insurance coverage for granted. These days people are legally required to carry insurance for their car, and for those without health insurance (whether from unifor local 302 ontario , Blue Cross, Blue Shield or another carrier) can find it very difficult to receive reasonably priced medical treatment. Yet the truth is that the concept of insurance is a relatively new one, which frankly shows us just how much life has changed in recent years.

New Ideas in Coverage

Back in the 1980s, while drivers were certainly encouraged and expected to have auto insurance, many people didn’t, and simply took their chances out on the road. It’s amazing to think back and wonder at the logic of the situation, as none of it made a lot of sense. People who got in accidents back then with uninsured motorists had no recourse in collecting on a claim, and they were simply out of luck. The situation got so disastrous that finally laws were changed that required all drivers to carry insurance. The thinking finally changed to one of seeing driving as a privilege that had to be earned, and paying for auto insurance was part of the payment for that privilege.

Medical coverage wasn’t nearly as complex a few decades ago as it is today, either. Today one of the complications of the current situation is that most people get their insurance coverage through their employer, even though today it costs employees more to have that coverage. People who don’t work full time, however, often have to pay sky-high premiums in order to have any coverage at all. All of this means that those with access to good coverage that is affordable should thank their lucky stars.

Rates for healthcare coverage keep going up, but the situation has finally caught the attention of those in government who might be able to help the situation. Who knows, maybe soon a new insurance model will be put in place that will ensure coverage is available for all who need it. Now that’s an idea that’s worth exploring!