How To Increase the Value of Your Business Website

How To Increase the Value of Your Business Website

A business website is an asset, just like any other. This means that you will want to ensure that you are constantly getting the highest return on your investment. Getting traffic to your site is very important, but if that traffic does not end up converting, then it is pretty meaningless. This guide is here to help you to learn the best practices for increasing the value of the asset that is your business website. 

Improve Your Landing Page 

Made by factory explains how “a digital marketing campaign is only as good as its landing page”. Putting a huge amount of time, money, and resources into a digital marketing campaign is not going to give you the return you desire if you do not have a well-designed landing page. In fact, if your landing page does not give the right impression, then it is likely that a user will click off your site in less than a minute. 

Use Calls to Action 

Your website should constantly be guiding the user through the site to the point of purchase. To do this, it is important to include calls to action. A call to action (CTA) is effectively a phrase that gets people to take an action – statements like “click here” or “buy now” are CTAs. You should include calls to action across your site to ensure that a visitor is guided through the conversion funnel simply by following the instructions you give them. 

Include Reviews 

Online reviews have a big impact on consumer behaviors, and 68% of surveyed people believe that positive reviews make them more likely to patronize a business. Customer reviews impact both purchases and brand perceptions, and a whopping 91% of people trust the reviews they see online. Including customer reviews helps to increase both the trust and credibility of your brand. 

Include a FAQs Section

When purchasing online, customers often have many questions: what is your returns policy? What are your shipping rates? There will be a wide variety of questions that an average consumer might ask themselves. Including a frequently asked questions section will enable your customer to get quick answers to their queries. This makes it more likely for a customer to complete an order because many people simply look elsewhere rather than using a chat function or calling customer service and asking their questions. Including an FAQ section also helps your operations as it stops your customer service team wasting time answering routine questions.

Include Stock Numbers 

If you have a physical product, include the number of remaining stock when you describe your product online. This will motivate people to buy, as they will perceive your product to be popular and desirable. It also puts a time pressure on the purchase, which means that your customers will be more likely to be guided by emotions and go through with their purchase instead of leaving it in their cart for a few days, which can lead to a loss of 69% of sales due to cart abandonment. 

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