How to Mine TRON in 2022 ?

Whether you are a newbie or have been in the crypto-world for a while, you might have been considering crypto mining as one of possible income sources. And of course, you’d want to mine cryptocurrency that can bring you something – some profit, and preferably, in the long term. In this regard, TRON could be a good project to start with because the Tron blockchain supports many coins and tokens, it is used for many projects, and has many use cases in the real world. All in all, it is pretty promising, and benefit of mining TRX would be just great.

Do not hurry to purchase all those CPUs, GPUs, or even ASICS. Tron is not the one of those older blockchains running on the Proof-of-Work algorithm. It utilizes the Proof-of-Stake algorithm, and it means that you cannot mine Tron in a traditional way.

How to mine TRON then? It is a good question, and we have a reply to it. 

Tron Mining Guide for Beginners

So, you know already that TRX cannot be mined in a traditional way. How can it be mined there, can it be mined at all?

Yes, you can mine TRX but indirectly, and here is a guide on how to start with your TRX mining activities. In other words, you still can get TRX for mining even if mining of this coin is not available.

You can choose a mining pool to mine different consensus algorithms such as Kawpow, Ethash, RandomX, and your rewards for mining will be paid in Tronix. Here is how you can start with it.

  • Register your cryptocurrency wallet that supports TRX to receive your mining rewards there.
  • Download the needed software depending on the algorithm you are going to mine and the pool you are choosing. For now, Claymore Dual Ethereum is the best option we have found, so we recommend it. If you find another viable option, check it before you opt for it.
  • Further, in the start.dat file, indicate what algorithm you are going to mine as well as the coin. Further, provide the wallet address to which your rewards shall be sent. 

unMineable is the best pool that makes payouts for your efforts in TRX. The pool is extremely easy to use even if you are a novice in the cryptocurrency world. 

Does TRX Mining Pay Off?

To reply to this question, you need to make some calculations. First of all, check the cost of mining equipment. Make sure you know the hash power of your equipment, it will help you to determine on which share from the pool awards you can count. The higher the hash rate is the higher chances you have to make your equipment pay off. Finally, make sure you know how much you are going to spend on electricity because for sure your electricity bills will boost when you start participating in mining.

To facilitate the calculation, you can use one of the calculators online to assess your expenditures and benefits you can get. 

Bottom Line

TRON is one of the most promising cryptocurrency projects in the market with immense perspectives. It has been applied widely for time long enough to insist that the project is viable and has perspectives. However, mining it might be pretty challenging and not as cost-effective as you might expect. Therefore, you still might want to consider investing in a coin with some potential or earn from swapping BTC to ETN or another coin and benefit from exchange rate fluctuations. And whatever you select, do not forget that cryptocurrency is a risky field, and you might earn a lot as well as lose a lot.