Is It Necessary To Get a Crypto license in UAE (Dubai)?

More and more companies are getting used to Crypto licenses in UAE (Dubai) because it is a must for legal operations involving digital assets. According to new regulatory norms, all businesses that work with finances and digital coin operations, in general, should have permission for such activities. This is the main reason why the services of organizations like SBSB Fintech Lawyers have become so popular in the business world — they not only help with information on Crypto license in UAE (Dubai), but also company registration, development of legal structures, and making sure businesses are legal to operate in a specific country. This organization has more than a decade of experience in the field of finances, which allowed it to become an expert in the field of licensing. To fully appreciate the work of professionals, it is important to take a look at what makes this license so valuable in the first place.

Top Reasons To Get a Crypto License in UAE (Dubai)

UAE is a type of government that has become an ultimate destination for all people who have a business tied to digital assets. Many entrepreneurs are registering their projects here because they know how progressive and favorable conditions are for such investors. One of the important notices — Dubai has officially recognized digital coins as the «digital representatives of value». A basic Crypto license grants a company the right to engage in cryptocurrency business in the UAE in general, but for specific types of activities, additional specialized licenses are required. This facilitates regulation and control in this high-risk sector. There are a couple of good reasons why people should obtain a license currently provided for crypto-businesses by the VARA:

  • Affordable tax rates. The level of the corporate income tax in the country is pretty low — only 9 percent;
  • Digital assets are legal. The government has created perfect conditions for people who run businesses associated with digital assets, which makes the process of blockchain project registration a relatively easy process;
  • Relatively easy licensing process. Most procedures surrounding the Crypto licenses in UAE (Dubai) can be made online, even if the founder is from a foreign country.

Obtaining such a license becomes the most important step for companies who want to operate legally with the ability to provide a wide selection of financial operations involving digital currencies, conducting ICOs, exchanges, opening crypto funds, and more.

Getting a Crypto license in UAE (Dubai) With Ease

While Dubai is the kind of country that offers the most comfortable conditions for all cryptocurrency enthusiasts, registering Crypto licenses in UAE (Dubai) can become a difficult task. It is highly recommended to get help from organizations, like SBSB Fintech Lawyers. These services help in completing such procedures fast and without any issues. By getting it, businesses can make sure — they are going to have a good reputation among clients, and all crypto transactions are going to be safe and legal.

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