What is MGP*Vinted 29060371895 Credit Card Charge ?

No matter which part of the world you are in, you must constantly review your credit card statement to avoid losses. If you ever notice a suspicious transaction, you must seek clarification and raise a dispute to refund the amount at the earliest. However, before raising a dispute, always ensure the transaction is fraudulent. Today, we will talk about one such transaction, which has appeared on the cards with the description as MGP*Vinted 29060371895. Check out more information about this transaction below.

What is MGP*Vinted 29060371895 Credit Card Charge

What is MGP*Vinted 29060371895?

This transaction usually appears in the credit card statement of the users in the United Kingdom; however, it might not only be restricted to UK & USA. This transaction appears when a payment is made to Vinted. If you made any purchases from Vinted, then you are good to go. Else you need to read further. Usually, you will notice a charge of 10p first, and you must not be fooled about it. The scammer is first checking if the card details are correct and if they can charge your card or not. Once they can verify the card details, you can expect multiple transactions to be authorized on the card. You need to ensure that you are not being scammed here. In the next section, we have shared what you must do if you notice any transaction with the description MGP*Vinted 29060371895.

What Next?

In case of even a single unauthorized transaction from MGP*Vinted 29060371895, you need to block your card immediately. Not blocking your card can lead to losses. You also need to raise a dispute for all the transactions that have been authorized. As per the majority of the users online, this transaction is fraudulent. The scammer usually makes multiple transactions once they notice that they have the correct card details.

It can also appear as one of the following in your credit card Statement :

1 CHECKCARD MGP*Vinted 29060371895
2 CHKCARD MGP*Vinted 29060371895
3 CHKCARDMGP*Vinted 29060371895
4 Misc. Debit MGP*Vinted 29060371895
5 PENDING MGP*Vinted 29060371895
6 POS Debit MGP*Vinted 29060371895
7 POS PUR MGP*Vinted 29060371895
8 POS PURCH MGP*Vinted 29060371895
9 POS PURCHASE MGP*Vinted 29060371895
10 POS REFUND MGP*Vinted 29060371895
11 PRE-AUTH MGP*Vinted 29060371895
12 Visa Check Card MGP*Vinted 29060371895 MC