Moving Businesses Safely and Securely

Moving day for your business is often a day for celebration. It means success, bigger premises, more customers, more staff and often a prestigious launch party! The build up to it needs a lot of planning because the consequences for a mistake could be huge: a single box going missing could be thousands of pounds worth of equipment or, worse, secure information that it’s your responsibility to avoid leaking into the wild.

The consequences for losing a printer or a box of computer screens is lost money, and inconvenience – it could lose you more in terms of lost productivity from the workers who should have been using that equipment. Leaking your customers’ private data is a far bigger problem. On top of fines from data agencies, the bad press and reputation it generates could be fatal for your business!

Today we’re looking at how you can move your business safely and securely, minimising your exposure to this kind of risk.

Storing Safely

Safe storage is a principle you need to enact all the way down your business, from individual members of staff packing their desks for the move, to the companies who are going to be transporting bulky objects for you. If you work with dangerous chemicals, you may already use something like these IBC stores with STOREMASTA to store them in, so you will need to find a way to safely transport these too so that there is no risk of spillage, damage or injury.

Make sure you’re using specialists, professionals who are used to the demands of moving businesses and know the security measures they need to take. This covers you in both possible ways: it makes it more likely that there will be no breaches, but in the event of a breach, making it clear you have used specialised business movers and business storage companies moves the responsibility for the problem to them, helping to limit the damage to your reputation.

Having a Plan

One of the most important weapons in your armoury is simply having a plan and communicating that clearly to everyone involved in the process of moving, from people you’re hiring in to move to individual workers who simply have to pack away their things for transport.

This gives you the chance to explains the risks of damage and data breach that you’re trying to avoid and how what you’re doing will help to avoid them. When people know why they’re being asked to do things they’re more likely to comply – it stops such instructions looking arbitrary and senseless.

Having to break down your plan for moving to ensure you can explain it simply also means you can sure it’s fit for purpose and there are no weaknesses or gaps that could lead to damage, data loss and disaster!