New Year Resolutions for Emerging Entrepreneurs – Tips for Success and Longevity

The new year brings with it renewed motivation; an opportunity to improve upon old business and look ahead to new challenges. For entrepreneurs, however, being the first is often associated with being the best. Below are some tips for young business leaders on how to make 2019 the best year yet, given by successful entrepreneurs in their respective industries.

Be an Effective Leader

Most entrepreneurs are natural-born leaders, but for some, becoming an expert in just one industry takes years – if not decades. For pharmacy pioneer – turned entrepreneur – turned real estate leader Kris Thorkelson , a strong desire to find solutions for others helped push him to the forefront in multiple careers.  Starting out as the owner and founder of The Prescription Shop, Kris Thorkelson went on to own two medical clinics that are attached to his pharmacie, as well as Canada Drugs. Switching his focus to real estate, he now helps lead My Place Realty, a property management company in Winnipeg that specializes in helping home seekers find the perfect home.

Stay Up to Date on Industry Trends and Current Events

When Misha Nonoo would design pieces in the past, she – along with many other fashion designers – would always have excess clothing and inventory at the season’s closing. Nonoo saw how other designers and brands would toss and even destroy their left-overs, but she wanted to be different; she wanted to be better. Because she knew what others were doing, it prompted her to come up with an alternative and in 2017, she began an on-demand clothing service where clients would order pieces and have them shipped within five days. Her biggest seller is her Easy 8 collection; a full mix and match eight-piece wardrobe.

Remember the “Why”

When Tammy Sun, founder of Carrot, developed software helping companies offer fertility treatments as part of their benefits packages, very few companies were supportive. In fact, the only companies that DID support Sun were wealthy firms. She began helping companies see the value in covering life-changing reproductive procedures such as surrogacy and In-vitro Fertilization and helps expecting mothers find clinics they can utilize. Meeting resistance in the beginning, Sun focused on the future of female employees and combining women’s health with their careers, and now sees a demand from more companies – not just the wealthy.