Office Furniture Essentials for your New Business

If you are tasked with outfitting an office with furniture, or if you have decided to renovate your current setup. Remember that it is important to have a sense of space as well as clear pathways and organised storage. For this reason, the adage, less is more, comes into play. You might be wondering what are the most critical pieces, and how can I get the most use out of the least number of items? Here is a look at some of the most useful and effective office furnishings to help you make your office as efficient and comfortable as possible.

Office Furniture Essentials for your New Business

  • Desk Chairs:  Desk chairs are available in great variety. You can spend a fortune on chairs if you want, but usually that is not necessary. The most important element of desk chairs is the back support and comfort. Creeping back pain is going to hurt employee performance, but comfort is very subjective. It may be a good idea to allow employees to select their own chairs.
  • Desks: Your island in the sea of anarchy is your desk. It’s your home turf and safe space. This is where you get things done, so it is the most important piece of all. It also depends if your office depends on collaborations, or if your staff work independently. Group work benefits from larger surfaces and seating areas. Sometimes a meeting room with tables is best. If the desks are meant for solo projects, then you will want to make sure that the desks are made for the comfort, and possibly privacy. This will ensure better productivity and peace of mind.
  • Storage: Supplies, files, and other items that you want to keep out of the way are destined for storage. Every office has different needs. Desks should already include some storage areas for individual needs. For other items, if there is not a specific room set aside for storage, it might be a good idea to build storage into the room. Built in storage can be room specific, so that it takes the minimum amount of space, yet remains accessible. Shelving units can be built into corners, and the coffee or media areas can do double duty as storage spaces for supplies.
  • Media Equipment: Because so many things these days can be watched on a private screen, media equipment is becoming less important. But if you do depend on presentations you will benefit from a wide screen TV, or better yet, a 4k projector and sound system. Also, the dry erase board has become a relic, compared to modern smart boards. A high-quality smart board could be the only thing you need these days for media. The installation and arrangement of the viewing area will be the key.

Many office items are industry specific, so whatever else you may be considering it is good practice to try and keep as much empty space as possible. Also try to establish traffic areas and keep them free from clutter. Window spaces can be useful storage areas, but is very important for office moral, to avoid blocking the view.

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