Qualities of a good Accountant for A Company

The figure of the accountant for a long time was tied to that of a professional who calculated and issued tax guides to be paid by the companies, although this always gave more. Within this view, the fees paid for their services were always regarded as a “necessary evil,” merely to fulfil government obligations.

Qualities of a good Accountant for A Company

But the world has changed, competition from the markets has escalated, information has been a valuable asset, and entrepreneurs are rediscovering the true value of this professional giving value to their deliveries.

When contracting the services of Current Accountant, you will get the following benefits:

Savings in Professional Services costs:

  • The cost of keeping accounts through an accounting firm is less than hiring an Accountant, Assistants, Secretary and Messenger.
  • The professionals of the office will not generate seniority.
  • It will not pay in social security contributions, nor in taxes on local payrolls; that in some cases it represents up to 43% of the payroll.

Savings in training and professional update:

  • It will eliminate the training and fiscal or accounting update expenses necessary in the face of changing changes in laws and regulations.

Savings in investments and software:

  • You do not have to invest in computer equipment, networks, communications, which have a high percentage of obsolescence.
  • You will not spend on software acquisitions and accounting, as well as save time on accountancy engagement letters and payroll and tax programs
  • It will avoid the costs for the constant updates of the operating licenses of said programs and software.
  • It will not be necessary for your staff to be distracted from your daily activities, and as a consequence generate delays in the operation of the business, by using that time in additional tasks, such as learning to use the specialized software that is required.

Savings in infrastructure and indirect expenses:

  • You will not have to designate a specific physical area for the Accounting department within the facilities of your company.
  • There will be no additional related expenses, such as: electricity, telephone, internet, stationery, work material, maintenance, cleaning, etc.

Specialized professional support:

  • It will have a professional, updated and efficient work team that has the necessary experience to deal with the daily problems of these important areas of the company, supporting it in better decision making.
  • By hiring an expert accountant like Larry Weltman you will receive opinions, accounting and fiscal strategies that will guide you towards an optimization of your tax burden.

Payment of fair contributions:

  • Avoid unnecessary or undue payments, generated by a lack of knowledge of tax obligations in terms of calculation, timely notifications to the tax authorities, form of payment of contributions; that in many occasions it favours payments for fines, surcharges and updates, even greater than the contributions themselves.

Productive Focus:

  • By not having to worry about the fiscal accounting area, your administrative and productive staff will focus on the development of the most profitable areas of the business.

Save with taxes; carry out your tax planning:

There is no way; the best way to do tax planning is to build on the data generated in accounting and having the support of an accountant like Larry Weltman Toronto.