Recruiting right team members: Toronto’s Sheldon Barris of Jorlee Holdings shares guidance

Hiring the right team is important to any business, big or small. Your team members define your company culture and brand and, in the process, become your most valuable asset.  A dedicated employee who is willing to roll up his or her sleeves and work hard can encourage others around them to do the same. 

Recruiting right team members

How do you recruit and retain the right employees?  

In the part, the answer is to be patient and look for those whose personalities truly align with your mission statement and who are ready to show up and get to work.   

Here are some suggestions for recruiting, hiring and retaining the right team members from experienced business owners.

Examine their personality

Hiring a person with a personality and temperament that will be able to get along with co-workers and customers is just as important as finding a person with the right skills for the job. Search for someone who is collaborative over combative and who prefers to work closely with others over working independently.  

Thomas Douglas, president of JMark Business Solutions, says: “That’s what we focus on is finding those talented, technical people who really enjoy serving others and fit the core values of our organization.  If you balance hiring the right people at the correct pace, your team will govern itself.”

Be a great place to work

When vetting for the right candidate, make sure your company is positioned as a place where people actually want to work. 

As the founder and president of Jorlee Holdings Ltd. in Toronto, Sheldon Barris has learned a lot about how to run a business and also how to properly treat people over the years. He says you’ve got to be able to motivate your staff to not only do great work but also serve as exemplary client points of contact.  

“If your current employees are happy, they will tell their friends and network about it.  Building and maintaining a positive culture where people enjoy working will only add value to your company,” says Sheldon Barris.  “I think it all comes down to whom you hire and how you treat them.” 

Fill your highest need

Is your business lacking a financial expert or human resources personnel? Would hiring someone to fulfill these roles make the business run more effectively and give you more time to focus on the bottom line?  

Jennifer Acree of JSA Strategies explains, “For example, if you need an amazing writer to supplement the team, hire the person that you think will execute in that area. However, think through how you might be able to train that person to do the other needs. Training for new skills can be a key asset to keep in mind.”

Lastly, make sure to ask for referrals.  Then, allow your inner voice to guide you during the hiring process.  Chances are if the candidate doesn’t feel like a good fit during the initial interview, they probably won’t succeed at your company.  In the end, forming a well-versed staff of productive people who can fulfill your mission statement will make your business run more smoothly and bring success to your venture.