The Continued Growth of Marijuana Stocks

Opportunity is knocking. There is nothing that could be more beneficial to your investing profits over the rest of 2018 than marijuana stocks. The market is young, but set to start maturing in the next decade or so. With all the states out there that have legalized, and others that are moving down that path as the industry demands more substantive action towards legalization across all of the USA, the potential for business to grow revenues and create new markets is high. It is time that you took notice and started working towards investing in the most promising companies.

If you are trying to day trade marijuana stocks or take a more conventional approach to investing in the sector, you have ample opportunity to make money. Because the market is so young, you are going to see a lot of ups and downs in the companies. That means volatility. That is where day traders thrive. What you want is a lot of movement on stocks, which makes for a profitable environment for day trades.

But the long-term future of the legal cannabis industry is bright as well. You can look at industrial growers in Canada for investment opportunities or even disperary chains throughout California. The growth will be long and sustained, because the demand is not going to go away.

Take a look at some cannabis companies that are poised for growth over the next few years.

Spotlight On: MassRoots

A cannabist tech platform company headquartered in Denver, MassRoots represents a ancillary business model that is poised to benefit from the growing legal marijuana industry. The company aims to match cannabis seekers with the right product for their ailment or desires, using the latest tech available.

Spotlight On: Cronos Group

Cronos does not actually operate any growing concerns or grow the product itself, but it does own Canadian growers with a focus on medical marijuana. Recreational use is poised to take off, but medical uses for marijuana are more readily accepted and ripe for regular investment. With a market cap of $475 million, the Cronos Group is in an early growth stage.

With cannabis revenue projected to be above $20 billion by 2021, according to various researchers, the opportunity for growers, disperaries and all sorts of other businesses to grow is unprecedented. Public opinion is changing and state governments are seeing the potential in tax revenue and business freedom. The potential to make money is there as is the potential to alleviate suffering for millions of people.

Whether your focus is on medical uses or the spread of recreational use, the investment opportunities are there. And 2018 is still a good time to get on the ground floor. More and more states are set to relax their cannabis laws. The public’s acceptance of the drug is growing all the time, even in this adversarial political climate. The US federal government is possibly interested in ramping enforcement back up, but that will only be temporary. The sentiment is constrained to a very small subset of conservatives, who will not be able to muster the political will forever.