The Role of an Accountant in Business

Accountants play a vital role in the life of a business. These professionals help steer a company at every decision point along the way. Selecting the right person to guide growth, manage cash flow and handle taxes is crucial.  The United CPA Association is one place where business clients and certified public accountants can meet.

Understanding the tasks performed by a certified public accountant can clarify what to expect from this team member, and when it is best to seek out their counsel. Here are a few important jobs performed by certified public accountants.

The Role of an Accountant in Business

Management Services

While accountants are usually associated with the finances of a business they contribute to organizational supervision as well.  For instance, certified public accountants are instrumental in planning a company’s strategic activities.  In this role, an accountant may handle risk management and investment decisions.

Audit and Assurance Services

Maintaining financial records and regularly checking them for accuracy, is another important function an accountant performs.  Certified public accountants may also analyze data to inform and support sound decision-making within the organization.

Tax Preparation Services

Every year businesses are required to submit tax returns to the Internal Revenue Service.  A certified public accountant maintains financial records related to business activities throughout the year.  When tax time comes around the accountant will extract pertinent data from those records and prepare the company’s tax return.

The accountant’s contribution to business operations is indispensable.  They assemble and maintain an accurate financial picture of the company.  Identifying and engaging the right certified public accountant supports long-term business success.