The Top Five highest-paying jobs in engineering

Science and technology are the key drivers of progress in today’s world, with many countries developing based on their focus on these two sectors. 

Therefore, it is only natural that many developing countries advocate the need for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education to progress rapidly.

Also, if you are naturally inclined towards science and technology, this is something that you would enjoy doing for a living. 

Innovation is a key tenet of science and technology, and it can not only satiate your curiosity but also lead to professional growth. 

If it were not for innovative individuals, particularly engineers, the world would have been without computers and smartphones.

However, engineering is a broad field, and many specialties exist therein. Therefore, if you are naturally inclined to engineering, you must first decide which sub-field you are particularly interested in. Some fields are very demanding, and you would need to put in a lot of effort to graduate and secure a job.

Other fields are less developed in some countries, and the last thing you want is to pursue an area that does not have good career options. 

It would be best to assess the market to see which fields pay well and which of these are stable career options. Only then would you be able to make an informed decision.

Moreover, if you are already an engineer and would like to enhance your career prospects, you can consider a masters in engineering management online degree to grow professionally. 

Online education has made it significantly easier for individuals to work and study simultaneously. 

It also helps you maintain a healthy work-life balance as you would be saving a lot of time commuting to the university and back.

Another thing you need to note is that salaries differ based on experience and qualification as well. 

You might find a job with many growth prospects in one field of engineering with a bachelor’s degree, and you might need a master’s degree in another. 

So, there is no hard and fast rule here, and the situation is different for each field. This is another key element you need to consider while making a decision.

With that said, here is a list of the top five highest-paying jobs in engineering:

  • Petroleum engineer:

Petroleum engineers are among the highest-paid engineers, with a median salary of over $137,000. 


You can find a good job with a bachelor’s degree and grow as you progress in your career. 


The top brass in this sector makes even more money, leading to the notion of this being among the most highly-paid fields. 


As a petroleum engineer, you would be expected to work on developing methods for extracting oil and gas while also creating equipment that can simplify the process and reduce its costs.

  • Engineering manager:

This is a managerial post that has to be earned after years of field experience. In this role, you must make detailed plans for your team. The end product would be your responsibility, which is why years of field experience are a prerequisite for the role. 


You won’t be leading a team unless you are experienced in team management and leadership. A bachelor’s degree, coupled with years of work experience, is all that is required for this role. 


This is a good career option; you can earn over $200,000 working as an engineering manager.

  • Construction Manager:

The real estate market is always developing, and while it has its highs and lows, there is always something happening unless inflation and other economic factors bring it to a standstill. 


With that said, being a construction manager can be a very promising career option. You will be required to supervise the construction work, and you cannot do that without having the relevant knowledge. 


Therefore, engineering knowledge is a prerequisite for this job, and you can get started with a bachelor’s degree. 


You can rapidly progress in the field if you are good at your job. As a construction manager, you can make well over $164,000.

  • Electrical engineer:

Electrical engineers are the people behind the devices we use in our everyday lives. These people are the ones who come up with solutions to emerging problems and are the real drivers of innovation. 


Considering how electrical appliances are used worldwide, electrical engineers can find work here and there, and skilled professionals are usually in demand. 


Therefore, you can get a bachelor’s degree without prior work experience and expect to make over $100,000.

  • Software engineer:

Information Technology is experiencing a boom, with many of the world’s most valuable companies forming the technology sector

Software engineers are therefore in demand, and their growth prospects are numerous. 


This is also a very exciting field, with many people enjoying their jobs as they tackle complex problems and develop solutions that simplify processes and smoothen operations. 


Not only can you find a high-paying job as a software engineer, but you can also launch a startup. 


The soil is fertile in the tech sector, and this is an option you should consider. You can get a bachelor’s degree and earn over $100,000.



Since the scope of this article was limited to the top five highest-paying jobs in engineering, we could not mention others that pay about the same. 

These include chemical engineering, computer hardware engineering, and biomedical engineering. 

Not all of these fields grow at the same rate, so if growth is your main ambition, you should opt for an area with a good growth rate to progress rapidly as a professional. 

We suggest you look up these fields in detail to develop a deeper understanding of their intrinsic details. 

It is recommended that you make a decision only when you are clear about your ambitions in life and skills.

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