Tips To Decorate A Small Living Room

Smaller housing situations are quite normal nowadays and are preferred by most people. Many might think this limits their creative freedom in terms of decorating the house but that is not so at all. There are certain tricks to keep in mind while decorating a smaller space but it isn’t impossible. The living room is the first area that people see when entering your home. So it is important to decorate it beautifully not just for the guests but for yourself too. Here are some easy ways to decorate a small living room so that it feels open, free, and beautiful.

  • Color palette-

It is very important that you choose a suitable color palette for your walls. It is better to choose neutral and lighter shades for the walls of a small room. Lighter walls reflect the light entering the room, making it feel bigger. The suitable colors tend to be cooler tones of blue, green, pink, and warm beige tones like salmon, peach, etc. If you prefer darker colors however, you can always go for shades of gray. This doesn’t have to limit your love for bold colors though. Splashes of colors can be added through the furniture in the room. If you do not own colorful furniture, you can always get a sofa on rent in Bangalore which are of bold colors and pair them with contrasting throw pillows to pull the look of the room together. 

  • Open floor plan- 

A small room might already feel a little constricting but if there are additional barrier walls, it feels claustrophobic. Often there are walls that separate the living room with the adjacent dining room or kitchen. That is fine if the rooms are big but in a smaller space, it is better to not have such barriers. If you have the freedom to make permanent changes in your home, it is better to remove these walls around your living room. If you are worried about the divisions of different rooms, you can create distinctions through renting furniture and arranging them accordingly. You can also install panels that open or glass sliding doors. You can also remove side walls and install floor-to-ceiling windows from where light can pour in. 

  • Furniture-

It can be difficult to entertain guests in a small living room because there cannot be many seating areas or it will feel cluttered. In such rooms, it is better to install furniture that serves multiple purposes. Sofa cum beds are a common addition so that the transformed sofa can provide more seating space once people arrive. You can also get sofas that have additional storage space underneath which can store smaller stools or benches. It is very easy to get such a sofa on rent in Bangalore. 

If you have budget constraints or want to check whether certain pieces fit in a room or just want to plan out your space before committing, renting furniture is a very easy way to do so. It will let you choose every piece you want without creating a huge hole in your bank account.