Top 5 Certified Finance Courses On Stock Market In India


Top 5 Certified Finance Courses On Stock Market In India

The Covid-19 pandemic has raised doubts about our financial stability. It has also left the stock market volatile, making investors and traders question whether or not it is the right time to invest. While others are planning to upgrade their portfolio, some are still pondering on whether to step into the stock market world. So, to answer your queries, in this article, we are featuring the top 5 e-learning sites for finance certificate courses

Gone are the days when institutional learning was prioritized. With the pandemic bringing up new difficulties and possibilities, people can now learn from anywhere, online. With online education, people have learned to explore and gather knowledge within the four walls and not just stick to textbook knowledge. 

So, whether you are planning to study political science or economy, or the stock market, the amazing e-learning portals have everything ready for you. The lessons are curated by experts from all over the world and presented to you in front of your eyes. You can learn, explore, and even take hands-on experience. 

Thanks to modern gifts, stock trading and investing are not just limited to professionals. Now anyone, from any part of the world, be it a student or a chef or a housewife can easily invest in stocks from their mobiles and laptops. Slowly and steadily, a large amount of the population is turning to stock trading for supplementary income. 

While the stock market is not rocket science, but the learning curve is steep and you have to be patient. Remember, with the right knowledge, skills, and expertise, you lower your chances of mistakes and trade successfully. 

So, this roundup aims to provide interested stock traders and beginners find their ideal stock market e-learning sites and finance certificate courses for the best e-learning experience and successful stock market future. 


The 5 Best Stock Market Learning Sites

  1. Udemy

Udemy has to be on top of our list with all the varied courses this e-learning site offers. It is one of the leading global online courses providers. It offers a wide range of beginner-friendly stock trading courses that will surely help you in setting your foot. 

What makes Udemy attractive is its low-price yet highly comprehensive stock trading courses. You can start as a Beginner and then level up with their complete foundation course. You will learn everything from risk management to stock analysis. 

If you want to dive deeper into stock trading, you can enroll in their Complete Day Trading Course. This course focuses on technical analysis and the skills you require for it. You will get to learn 16 chart patterns and also understand performance indicators. 

The only drawback with Udemy is its lack of practical application. You learn from Udemy but you need to apply solely by yourself. Nonetheless, if you are looking for finance certifications online, then Udemy is your destination.

2. Elearnmarkets

Elearnmarkets is one of India’s top leading e-learning sites for the stock market and makes to our list for the best value for stock market courses. It provides online finance courses with certificates, jointly certified by NSE Academy and Elearnmarkets. They have an extensive range of finance certificate courses for beginners, investors, and traders. 

The best part about Elearnmarkets is their free blog and courses. If you are just stepping into the stock market world, you can avail their free courses, read their blogs and then upgrade to their more experienced and paid courses. All the courses at Elearnmarkets are curated by stock market giants. So, you come across practical knowledge and experience. 

Not just that, you can play games to add some fun to your learning, use their financial calculator, and for the practical application you can download their stock analytics app, StockEdge. 

If you are a teenager and intrigued about the stock market, then simply enroll in their A2Z Stock Market for Teens. If you are an already experienced trader or investor, then you can go for their Certification in Online Research, Trading, and Advisory course or Certification in Fundamental Analysis course. The courses are recorded, with downloadable pdfs, live market sessions, and practical assignments. Not just that, the site also hosts regular webinars by renowned stock market experts. 

All in all, Elearnmarkets is a comprehensive platform for all-around stock market learning. From learning how to trade to option strategies, market analysis, and risk management, you will learn everything on Elearnmarkets. 

3. Warrior Trading

Another excellent site for newbies and regular traders. Warrior Trading provides comprehensive learning and prepares you for the future. The resources are extensive with online courses, group mentoring, and stock market simulators. 

You can enroll yourself in their Warrior Starter program and get started with learning how to trade. With this course, you will get to know the psychology of trading, fundamental and technical analysis. Though Warrior Trading is on a bit pricey side, it is a great e-learning site to start your journey.

Not only that, this site provides you with free training sessions, giving you a taste of educational capacity. With this, you will learn how to find the right stock and build a trading strategy. Moreover, you also get a dozen of free guides on trading techniques. 

4. Bear Bull Traders

Bear Bull Traders is another amazing e-learning portal with a wide range of stock market courses with an affordable pricing structure. Bear Bull Traders has less expensive courses with all the materials you need for a comprehensive understanding of the stock market. But, if you want to learn more and need more benefits, then you need to pay just a little more. 

Along with its vast educational resources, it has webinars, a video library, and downloadable content. It is one of the most popular sites for active day traders and has designated chat rooms and active discussion forums. It provides Basic and Elite memberships and is cancellable at any time. If you opt for the Elite package, you will get hold of webinars, live chat rooms, and mentorships. 

5. Bulls on Wall Street

The most unique feature of this e-learning site is its live training boot camp. It is one of the best platforms for live training stock trading courses. Moreover, it also provides personalized support for its members.

When you enroll for Live 60-day Boot Camp, you will get group exercises as well as individual assignments. As it is a live training program, you will get to learn about different techniques while they are being performed live on your computer screen. Moreover, to put your training into practice, you will also get to access a trading simulator. 

You can also opt for Monthly plans and get exposed to Sunday Market Huddle, advanced platform tutorials, live market recaps, and much more. Bulls on Wall Street is a reasonably priced e-learning portal for stock market beginners


Any of the above-mentioned e-learning sites are worth your consideration and time. These sites provide you with hands-on knowledge and finance certificate courses that will strengthen your portfolio. Financial knowledge and learning are critical for the stock market and building a secured future. So, do not wait any more, and enroll in one of the courses provided by the sites and kick start your stock market journey.