Types of Insurance All Businesses Should Carry

If you manage a business, then you want to be sure that it’s protected in the event of the unexpected. However, there are several types of general business insurance that you can purchase depending on your industry and overall needs. If you aren’t sure what insurance types are right for your business, here are some to consider that can be useful to have in the event the unexpected happens.

Types of Insurance All Businesses Should Carry


It can be difficult to determine what type of business insurance in Orlando is right for you. Professional liability insurance can protect your business against claims against your business that are the result of mistakes or failure to perform and cause harm to the affected. While there are several types of liability insurance to consider, you should be able to determine what’s best for your business by talking to a licensed insurance carrier.

Worker’s Compensation

If your business employs people, then having worker’s compensation insurance is necessary for your business operations. Not only does it protect you in the event of a workplace incident, but it can also help with and medical bills, disability, or death benefits that may result from a job-related incident. This can help defer some of the costs associated with the incident and ensure your business is financially protected.

Property Insurance

It doesn’t matter if you own or lease the space your business is in, having property insurance is vital to your business operations. It can protect your business and any equipment, signage, and inventory from instances such as fire or storm damage or even theft. Do yourself and your business a favor and carry this insurance.

Auto Insurance

If your business operates a fleet of vehicles, then you must carry auto insurance. Having auto insurance can protect you, your employees, and your vehicles in the event of an auto accident and ensure that any medical or vehicle repair or replacement costs are covered.

With these types of insurance coverage, you can help ensure your business is protected from the unexpected.