Upgrading Your Windows? Top Reasons To Choose Cast Stone Sills


Many people buy their first home do so as an investment and often choose homes that need doing up. It might be a home that they will have until they pass away or they may do up and sell on. If you have recently purchased a fixer-upper, you may be wondering how to add value to it or you may simply be looking for a way to make it look and feel classier.

Of course, a lot can be said about a home’s interior from the outside. If the front lawn is well maintained and there is a car in the driveway, it is a safe bet that the interior of the home is well kept. But if the front yard is strewn with trash and the grass is overgrown, then the interior is unlikely to be neat. So, you will want to ensure that when people pull up to your home, they are met with a classy presentation

If you are fixing up your new home, there are many advantages to having the outer windowsills made from cast stone, and in this article some of those advantages will be discussed in a bit more depth.

Add Value To Your Home

When most people are asked to picture a classy home, they state one that is red brick and has white windowpanes. Of course, the materials of the windowpanes are rarely mentioned, but it is a safe bet that when it comes to higher-end homes, they will be cast stone window cills and heads.

If you are having your windows upgraded, having the outer sill made from stone may seem excessively pricey. However, if your home is an investment, having stone sills installed can add some serious value to your property. 

No Warping

Another advantage of the stone sill, especially when compared to PVC or plastic, is that they do not warp in wet weather or heat. Aside from external damage caused by heavy objects of collisions, they maintain their shape and do not bow or alter.

More Robust

Of course, a key feature of stone is that it is solid and that it is more robust. So, as mentioned before, barring a heavy object coming into contact with your outer windowsill, nothing will cause it to become damaged.

Prevents Moisture

Stone is also great at deterring dampness, especially if it is sealed correctly. The grains in the stone do allow moisture to penetrate, but these grains and bubbles are designed inside the stone to become smaller the deeper the water gets, naturally stopping moisture from the rain from getting into your home and causing damp.


Who says that a cast stone sill has to be white? While that is the stereotype, this type of windowsill allows the homeowner to choose the material that they want the sill to be made from, and the color too.

Sills are usually available in 3 or 4 colors, including white, black, grey, and brown. If you have a bit more money to spend on this home addition, you can even have the stone sill created to look like marble. Very classy looking, without the enormous price tag!

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