What Is AE Direct CO llc Internet PA Credit Card Charge ?

What Is AE Direct CO llc Internet PA Credit Card Charge

Many times we make purchases and forget about them. Usually, this becomes a problem while reviewing credit card transactions. You may see some unknown transactions, and it may become difficult to recognize the transaction because of the unrelated description. This has happened with us many times, and during such occasions, we usually ended up searching the keywords on Google. Since you are here on this page, we assume you are in a similar situation. Well, we will help you resolve the problem and tell you more about the transaction AE Direct CO.LLC Internet PA.

What Exactly Is ae direct co llc Internet PA?

American Eagle is a famous clothing brand, and any charge appearing on your statement with AE Direct CO.LLC Internet PA description is from this clothing brand. The website recently launched its US version, and this brand ships globally. So, if you are trying to recall the transaction, then start by recalling if you ordered any clothes or clothing accessories recently. This should answer your question. If you have placed any such order, you know what this transaction is all about. If you haven’t purchased anything from American Eagle, you should review the next section to understand the course of action.

What Next?

If you don’t recall making any purchases with American Eagle, you need to see the next step. Start by calling the American Eagle on +1-888-232-4535, and they should be able to check the transactions for you with the help of your credit card number. If they see any order, you can request them to cancel the order and initiate a refund. Let them know that this is a fraudulent transaction. Also, call your bank at the same time and let them know about the issue. You must also request them to cancel the card and issue you a new one.

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