What Is SHS Credit Card Marshall MN Charge ?

What Is SHS Credit Card Marshall MN Charge?

Today, the Android and iOS space is full of different applications. Some of them are of great use, especially those that can get stuff delivered to your doorstep. The problem with the applications that people face is that the description of the transaction does not match with the application’s name. This creates confusion, and people are unsure what charged their credit card. Today, this article has listed some information about a similar transaction that shows up as SHS Credit Card Marshall MN on your credit card.

What is SHS Credit Card Marshall MN All About?

We all love to order food at home, and this can be pretty relaxing when you are not willing to cook. Sometimes, we even order groceries at home because that eliminates the need to go to the supermarket and carry the shopping bags back home. If you come across a transaction with the description SHS Credit Card Marshall MN, then this transaction is most likely related to delivery. The answer to your question about what this transaction is all about is hidden in the keyword SHS. To be clearer, any payment made on Schwan’s Home Delivery would reflect in your credit card as SHS Credit Card Marshall MN. So, if you have made any such purchase, you already have your answer, or check out more information in the section below.

What Next?

The easy thing to do here is to call Schwan’s Home Delivery and get their information. Before calling them, you must check your order history on the application if you use one. The contact number of this aggregator is 1-888-724-9267. If the application’s customer service cannot offer any detail, you need to call the bank and report a scam. The bank will first reissue your credit card and launch an investigation for this transaction. 

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