What Is ARC TEAM ATLANTA GA Credit Card Charge ?

What Is ARC TEAM ATLANTA GA Credit Card Charge

Since we make a lot of transactions on our card, it can become slightly difficult to recall the transactions just by looking at the description. Moreover, these days the description may or may not match with the retailer, so it becomes even more challenging to find out the details. We get a lot of queries about such charges from the people who would like to know about the charges on their credit cards. Recently, some of our readers pointed out the transaction on the card with the description ARC TEAM ATLANTA GA. So, we decided to share all the details about this particular transaction type in this article.

What is ARC TEAM ATLANTA GA All About?

As per the information we have, the transactions with the description ARC TEAM ATLANTA GA are from AT&T. Some people confuse it with the transactions from Atlanta Regional Commission, but our research suggests otherwise. Any bill payment or purchase made from AT&T would usually reflect as ARC TEAM ATLANTA GA on your credit card. You must also note that the purchases made at AT&T retail stores may also show up with the same description. So, if you have made any such transaction, you should be good, or else, check out the section below to understand the next step.

What Next?

To figure out more details about the transaction, you can call AT&T customer care. They are available at 1-800-331-0500, and they should be able to share more information about the transaction. Moreover, you must also contact the bank to see if they can initiate a refund process if you didn’t make this transaction. Lastly, you must also block your credit card immediately to avoid any further unauthorized use of the credit card. The bank or AT&T customer care should be able to help you get more information about the transaction in question.

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