What is SQC*BR 8774174551 CA Credit Card Scam Charge ?

What is SQC*BR 8774174551 CA Credit Card Scam Charge

If you notice SQC*BR 8774174551 CA charge on your credit card, then we may not have very good news for you. You could have been a potential target of the online theft, and you would need to act promptly to get this sorted. You should note that the alphabets after SQC represents the initials of the person’s name, and it may be different from one case to another. However, you need to be alarmed whenever you see an SQC transaction on your card. Check out more information about this transaction below.

What Exactly is SQC*BR 8774174551 CA Charge?

SQC*BR 8774174551 CA is made on an application called Cash App. This application seems to be designed so that anyone can use a stolen card to make a transaction. Cyber thieves often use it to transfer money to their accounts using a stolen card. There can be legit transactions, but ask yourself you remember using Cash App for any such transaction. If not, then you need to act swiftly to recover your money. You should note that there is no customer support number available for Cash App, so searching about the same may not be fruitful. Also check DNH GODADDY COM if it appears in your statement. 

What Should I Do in Case of SQC*BR 8774174551 CA Fraud Transaction?

If you think SQC*BR 8774174551 CA is a fraudulent transaction on our card, then start by calling your bank and raising a fraud. The bank will halt the settlement if it has not been done. Also, the bank may start the chargeback process if the transaction has already been settled. You must also hotlist your card to prevent any further loss. Apart from this, you can also report it to the local authorities and register a credit card theft case. Keep a copy of all the interaction numbers safe until the case has been resolved to your satisfaction. 

It may also appear as one of the below in Your Statement

1 CHKCARDSQC*BR 8774174551 CA
2 CHECKCARD SQC*BR 8774174551 CA
3 CHKCARD SQC*BR 8774174551 CA
4 Misc. Debit SQC*BR 8774174551 CA
5 PENDING SQC*BR 8774174551 CA
6 POS Debit SQC*BR 8774174551 CA
7 POS PUR SQC*BR 8774174551 CA
8 POS PURCH SQC*BR 8774174551 CA
10 POS REFUND SQC*BR 8774174551 CA
11 PRE-AUTH SQC*BR 8774174551 CA
12 Visa Check Card SQC*BR 8774174551 CA MC

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