What KPIs and Metrics should you be tracking for Calls ?

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are just some metrics that help the users in evaluating the different objectives and strategies related to the brand to get the best results from them. It is a very important aspect of every marketing department that lets you know about each and every element of your input made. These KPIs can be easily derived from the inbound call tracking tools like Ringba. And then later you can use these KPIs to drive business decisions.

What KPIs and Metrics should you be tracking for Calls

KPI lets the users know about the costing that is being used by each step along with the return that they are going to get at the end of the project. Pay Per Call Advertising analytics brings out some KPIs that you surely need to know about, these are:

Customer Acquisition Cost

Customer Acquisition Cost (or CAC) can be evaluated with the amount that needed to be spending on the potential customer to convert him/her into a customer. It is not always necessary that the person who is reaching your advertisement will surely become your customer as well. Converting them to a valuable customer is a big issue that needed to be done very carefully with the help of proper research and marketing.

One thing that you need to keep under consideration here is the money you are spending on raising your organic traffic. More will increase the organic traffic to your website, more will be the chances to get a potential customer and then to the customer. Paid traffic, social traffic, email marketing, and non-digital advertisements are some of the critical aspects that can add more to your efforts.

Landing Page Conversion Rates

A landing page is one of another excellent marketing tool and most important digital marketing KPI that you should capture from an analytics tool like Google Analytics or Ringba. Landing page not only helps the entrepreneurs in limiting the options for the visitors but also helps them in meeting the desired goal. The conversion rates for the landing page primarily depends upon various factors such as organic traffic, paid traffic email campaigns and multiple others.

Mobile Traffic Conversion Rates

With the going on advertisements the use of smartphones and tablets also has been raised to a great extent. The increase in the number of a smartphone not only has enhanced the number of visitors but also helps the entrepreneurs in building the sale rate as well. Various brands not only have now optimized their sites for mobiles but also has kept it under one of the most critical strategies as well.

Influence of Social media

Social media has now effectively influenced a large number of people worldwide towards the awareness of the brands. These social media platforms have served as a revolution to the marketers and have offered them a large platform with huge traffic to display their products. This KPI depends upon various factors such as likes, retweets, shares and a lot more.

Customer Lifetime Value

Last but not the least in the list of KPIs that we should capture fro Pay Per Call for Analytics is the Customer Lifetime Value. This metric is used to find out the profit you are expected to earn from your relationship with customers.