What to Do When Noone Wants to Buy Your Unwanted Stuff? 

If you Google quick ways to make money, selling your belongings makes it to the top of many how-to lists. When possible, selling your unwanted or duplicate items can inject your budget with fast cash, giving you the money you need to purchase a new splurge item or cover an unexpected repair. 

Unfortunately, the items you think can go for a good price don’t always fly off the digital marketplace shelves. You can make a post and not get a single view. Next thing you know, you’re hanging onto stuff you don’t want or need, and you don’t have the money you expected to have. 

Annoyed yet? It can be frustrating, but there are ways you can get the money you need. 

Is it an Emergency? 

Research shows that many people who don’t have $500 in savings sell their belongings to scrounge up this cash in an emergency. 

Later on in this article, we’ll discuss how you can improve your chances of selling your stuff to the highest bidder. However, they may take some time and effort to tweak your selling techniques. 

In an emergency, you might not have that sort of time to spend. Luckily, you may apply with a lender like Fora to see if you qualify for an online loan. An online line of credit can substitute for cash in emergencies, like when you don’t have savings and can’t sell your belongings fast enough. You can discover your options at Fora before filling out a line of credit application online.

If you are approved, you can use these borrowed funds to deal with an urgent issue promptly. In the meantime, you can also follow the advice shared here today to improve the chances you sell something. Any money you sell with these tips can help you pay off your line of credit faster. 

Explore Different Sales Platforms

If you want to maximize your exposure online, you can’t make a single post on one sales platform and expect to sell within a day. While you may find a buyer instantly if you’re selling a highly valuable, in-demand item, it’s not always possible. Depending on the popularity of the platform, your post may get buried under other posts. If you have a more niche item, you may not have as many potential buyers in the first place. 

Making posts on several apps and websites increases your chances the right people see your post at the right time. Cross-post your ad on the following platforms: 

  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Craigslist
  • Gazelle
  • Kijiji
  • Poshmark
  • OfferUp
  • eBay
  • Swappa

Zhuzh Up Your Posting

Your post could be standing in the way of a sale, even if you have something people want! Follow these tips to make the best post possible. 

  • Clean your items before you photograph them.
  • Take quality photographs with ample lighting from multiple angles.
  • Come up with a snappy headline.
  • Write a detailed description including your item’s age, condition, and dimensions.
  • Reasons why you’re selling it — you don’t want to imply your item is useless or broken!
  • Your general location and whether you can deliver.
  • Use the right tags to ensure people searching for your items can find your post.

Set a Fair Price

You may need $500 to fix your fridge, but your old VHS player may only be worth $10 to a nostalgic buyer. Don’t over inflate your asking price, as this can scare away buyers. Follow these pricing tips instead.

The Takeaway:

Selling your belongings online can feel like a second full-time job, but your hard work following these tips can help you find a buyer. And remember that you can get a line of credit if you need cash faster than you can fix your post.