10 Things You Need to Do Immediately After a Collision


It’s essential to follow safety rules to avoid road accidents. However, in case of an accident, you should know the instant steps you need to take. This piece highlights the ten things you need to do immediately after a collision.

  1. Stay Calm

You should always keep a clear head in case of an auto accident. Take a deep breath and relax. While this might be hard, unless you stay calm, you won’t be able to assess the situation and help yourself and the passengers.

  1. Assess Your Health

After an accident, the first thing is to ascertain that you don’t have any injuries. You should also check on your passengers in case you have any. Call emergency services instantly if you or your passengers are seriously hurt.

  1. Move to a Safe Place

Move your car to the side of the road if the accident was minor. This ensures that you don’t impede traffic. Don’t forget to keep the hazard lights on and set up reflective emergency triangles to remind other drivers to slow down.

  1. Gather Crucial Information

Take important pictures of the damages and documents using your phone camera. Using pen and paper to collect important information is also possible if you don’t have your phone on you. You need the names of the people involved in the accident, their phone numbers, and the address of the incident.

  1. Call the Police

It’s important to report the accident. However, the police might not respond to minor accidents in some locations. In that case, you should opt for online reporting

  1. Exchange Insurance Information

It’s crucial to ensure that the damages are well taken care of. To do that, you need to exchange insurance details with the other driver. You’re likely to run into trouble later on when deciding who was responsible for the accident unless you take this crucial step.

  1. Talk to Witnesses

Talk to individuals who might have witnessed the scene and ask them to provide detailed information on what they saw. Also, they should provide you with their names. Don’t forget to note down the time you talked to the witnesses.

  1. Talk to Insurance Company

Once you get home, you need to commence the insurance claim process. Contact your insurance company and provide them with the details of what happened at the scene.

  1. Seek Medical Attention

Even if the collision was minor and you feel fine, you still need to seek medical attention once you leave the scene. Besides helping you find any available injuries, seeking medical attention might help you identify underlying complications.

  1. Contact an Attorney

You need to ask an attorney for legal support if you got hurt in an accident or the other driver blames you for what happened. According to atlinjurylawgroup.com, an experienced attorney will ensure you get all the compensation you deserve.

Final Thoughts

It’s crucial to know how to avoid auto accidents. However, since some collisions are inevitable, the tips above should come in handy in case you experience an accident. Don’t forget to seek help from an attorney because they can help you take care of the legal procedures involved.