5 Must Have Project Management Skills in a Project Manager


Just having a degree of the Project Manager, does not make the person an effective Project Manager. The Project Manager must have the skills of doing the things in a precise manner in order to run a project successfully and efficiently.

So, how to tell that a person is whether a good Project Manager or a bad one? Here are the 5 skills that a Project Manager must have in order to be called as a Project Manager:

  1. Communication: Project Management can only be done effectively only when the project manager is having the good communication skills. Almost 90 percent of the job of the Project Manager requires the communication. And it is the most important skill that a project manager must have. It is really important for a manager to convey his visions, ideas and the goals to the other members in order to get the job done effectively. And for this, good communication skills are the counterpart.
  2. Leadership: this skill is listed among the most important skills in the Project Management task because of a good reason. If you can lead well, you can deliver well. And if you can deliver well, then your success is no more far to you. So the most important skill that a Project Manager must have is the leadership qualities.
  3. Team Management: leadership and the team management skills are interrelated. If you are having a good leadership quality then you can manage your team quite effectively. And if your team is managed greatly, then teamwork will surely indulged to give you the better and efficient results.
  4. Organization: organizing is the other way of having the best Project Management skills. You have to first organize yourself and then others in order to improve the results and to achieve success.
  5. Risk Management: I you can create and assume the solutions to the problems that are having the risk of occurrence, then you are probably the best project manager. So managing the risk is other most important must have skill to become a practical and the potential project manager.
  6. Negotiation: Going back to the communication skill—a lot of this communication has to do with negotiating the use of resources, budgets, schedules, scope creep, and a variety of other compromises that are unavoidable. Knowing how to negotiate well so that all parties are satisfied is a key skill for the successful project manager.
  7. Problem Solving:  In an ideal world, projects will be completed on time and on budget, with no major problems arising along the way. But, clearly that is not the case. Projects are always subject to change as they progress, and a project manager must quickly adapt to these changes. When problems arise on the project, PMs need to be able to come up with immediate solutions .

These 5 mandatory Skills will help you grow as one of the best finance manager .  Hope You enjoyed reading this article , Improve these skills and grow exponentially in your Job .