A Guide to Personal Injury Compensation

Has the negligence of another person caused serious injury and harm to you or a loved one? You may be entitled to financial compensation for personal injuries caused by another’s fault. When another party is found to be responsible for the unfair pain and suffering of an innocent victim, the law protects those harmed. You will want Tucker Law, PA, a knowledgeable and experienced personal injury lawyer in south Florida, to be your advocate in navigating this complex and often intimidating legal process.

Compensation You May Be Entitled To

The compensation you are entitled to varies widely depending on the details of your case and the evidence available. Some of the estimates regarding compensation may be difficult to determine as many factors must be considered. This is why it is important to have a knowledgeable personal injury attorney carefully examine your case to be sure you receive all you deserve from those at fault. Some of the types of compensation you may be able to recover include:

  • Past and future medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of income-earning ability
  • Needed home modifications
  • Transportation costs
  • Other related out-of-pocket costs
  • Loss of enjoyment
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress

Common Types of Personal Injury Lawsuits

Automobile accidents are likely what most people think of as the most common personal injury lawsuits, but there are other types of accidents as well. You may have a case to receive financial compensation for your losses and suffering from many other types of injury caused by the fault of another. The types of personal injury cases in which you will want to consult with a lawyer include:

  • Car, truck, and motorcycle accidents
  • Bicycle and pedestrian accidents
  • Boating accidents
  • Slip and fall injuries
  • Dog or other animal bites and attacks
  • Premises liability accidents
  • Nursing home negligence
  • Defective consumer products

The Process

In the midst of your suffering and recovery, the following process can be overwhelming. The sooner your attorney is on the case, the better. Here’s how the process works:

  1. Consult with an Experienced Attorney
  2. Build Your Case With Evidence 
  3. Demand Compensation for Losses
  4. Negotiate for a Suitable Settlement
  5. File a Personal Injury Lawsuit
  6. Mediation Negotiations
  7. Trial in a Court of Law

Hire an Attorney Today

The best time to contact your attorney for consultation is immediately, and do not wait. Free consultation to evaluate your case will give you peace of mind while the world around you seems to be crumbling. It is important that you hire an attorney as soon as possible in this process so they can be your voice to the insurance companies and any other parties involved. Don’t forget that most times, insurance companies are not looking out for your best interests, and your pain and suffering are not their concern. You need an attorney to fight for you and what you deserve. Having a strong personal injury attorney on your side will mean all the difference for your future. Don’t let those at fault off the hook. Contact Tucker Law, PA, today for a free consultation.