A More Inclusive Work Environment: The Benefits of Attending a DEI Workshop

What measures are you taking to promote inclusivity in your workplace? If you’re struggling to come up with an answer, then it’s time to be more proactive. One of the best places to start is through a structured, educational session where you and your employees can learn valuable content and ask questions.

Exploring diversity, equity, and inclusion can create a better workplace. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of attending a DEI workshop!

Build a Better Work Culture

A healthy work culture is what enables employees to thrive. But when individuals within the organization don’t feel seen or respected, that can’t happen.

With DEI training, you can provide the tools and structure to have a healthier and more inclusive workplace. You’ll tackle overt and subtle forms of prejudice that are hurting your workplace environment.

You can enlist a DEI coach to help facilitate the process. An ICF Master Certified Coach will have the skills to initiate difficult conversations and provide input. They can model more inclusive language and offer context for their suggestions.

Workplaces without DEI training can encourage problematic behavior to continue. Maintaining the status quo doesn’t acknowledge issues like micro-aggressions or shine the light on a company’s lack of diversity. Sometimes people can make prejudiced statements without even knowing it.

When one employee offends another, it triggers a culture of hostility. That, in turn, hurts collaboration. And it makes coming to work an unenjoyable experience for anyone who feels hurt.

DEI training is a critical step toward building awareness and buy-in from the entire organization. It’s also a positive reflection of the company’s willingness to be proactive-and it provides a boost to the company’s reputation. DEI programming can make a company more appealing to job applicants and clients.

Identify Biases

One of the most sobering aspects of DEI training is realizing your biases. This is a critical step, however, toward building self-awareness and taking corrective action. DEI training asks people to consider how they judge others.

For instance, people may have biases connected to race, gender, or age. They may treat individuals who fit more traditional beauty standards with more respect. They may make assumptions about people based on their names or hair.

Taking time to reflect and reconsider these assumptions is one of the first steps toward improvement. Individuals can learn how to use more inclusive language in both the workplace and beyond.

In many cases, people don’t even realize they have these biases. This is called unconscious bias. And it can be an emotionally challenging type of behavior to accept.

With some instruction, people can make positive changes. Perhaps more importantly, DEI training can teach people about where their biases stem from. At its best, DEI training can encourage people to continue learning beyond the workshop setting.

The results will pay off in-office interactions. Enhanced communication practices can help teams work together more effectively. And people will be more thoughtful about what they say.

Enhance Innovation and Creativity

Did you know that DEI training can make your workplace more creative? When employees feel seen and heard, they’ll be more eager to participate in all aspects of their work. And when more people participate, the opportunities for innovation increase.

When employees work together on teams, individual members won’t feel judged for who they are. Instead, they’ll feel encouraged to contribute. They’ll see their potential to be leaders.

A freer exchange of information and ideas is critical for a business to grow. DEI training can empower employees to see a future at the organization. It also can empower them to be advocates for their colleagues.

People can regulate their actions more when they’re aware of how their colleagues feel. They can step back and let underrepresented voices have a greater presence, too.

Those who’ve discovered the biases they hold will learn to challenge assumptions. That, too, can lead to more innovative ideas. It also can create a culture of asking questions and listening.

Improve Talent Acquisition

Holding DEI workshops can impact every aspect of your business, including the people you bring into the organization. Diversity training can improve hiring practices and help retain your best employees.

Companies that lack diversity in new hires may feel like they’re doing enough. What they’re doing may actually be limiting their pool of potential candidates. Requiring traditional four-year degrees or quantifying experience can keep otherwise good candidates from being eligible for consideration, for instance.

DEI workshops can provide strategies to change hiring practices. It may be as simple as rewording job postings to encourage those with relevant skills to apply.

It’s also important to state the company’s position on inclusive practices in job postings and internal documents. Doing this lets current employees feel more supported. And they might just be more likely to stick around.

DEI initiatives can reduce employee churn while building the company’s brand. When employees are happy, that can translate to happier customers.

Create a More Productive Climate

Ultimately, with DEI training, you’ll help establish a more connected and productive workforce. Without it, you run the risk of letting vulnerable individuals feel even more isolated.

Anyone who feels marginalized, whether in large or small ways, may be more likely to stay home from work. They won’t be as eager to share their opinions in meetings. And eventually, they’ll start looking for another job.

This cuts into a company’s productivity. Filling vacant roles takes time. And making up for lowered productivity on the job can be an impossible feat.

When individuals feel like they’re in an environment with supportive management, they won’t feel as much stress. As a result, they’ll be able to work on the tasks in front of them. And they’ll feel energized and encouraged.

Attend a DEI Workshop

A DEI workshop is an excellent way to establish an inclusive and considerate workplace. You’ll establish a healthier climate that values all opinions and enhances creativity. Further, you’ll help recruit and retain stronger and more diverse employees.

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